US Elections 2008 | Hillary or Obama?

Which one of these two is your favorite? Hillary or Obama? Why?

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  1. blabby opinó:

    Because he’s inspiring the biggest grassroots following in the history of this country. While Hillary continues to loan her personal fortune to her failing campaign, Obama continues to be supported by voters giving what they can because they believe in him and his idea of hope. Yes We Can!

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    Because Hillary did not have sniper relations with that Bosnian.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    1. Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton isn’t exactly change. 2. I think they would all say anything to get elected but in the times where the, um, truth is subject to opinion, at least Obama is smart enough to remember the truth in those cases where there are hundreds of hours of prime time TV footage that proves things went differently. 3. Um… she is a super raging mega-bitch

  4. Dylan [2] opinó:

    Because he has the vision, resolve, and intelligence to make this country a better place. Hillary has the vision, resolve, and intelligence to sit back and let Bill do all the hard stuff.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    Hillary is a super bitch.

  6. Cindy opinó:

    Obama is pro abortion.

  7. Tom K. opinó:

    At this point, it’s almost a vote against HRC. I have supported Obama since the beginning, mostly for the ideals he represents, self-sacrifice, and eliminating the influence of lobbyists and special interests. I have come to believe that HRC now represents the worst in today’s politics. She is using the Republican fear-mongering to attack B.O. She is now playing the race card (via Geraldine Ferraro) to try and arouse racism in rural Pennsylvania. She continues to play coy about Obama’s religion in an attempt to prolong the doubts some voters have about his convictions. Obama appears to be trying to take the high ground and stay above the fray, but HRC’s campaign keeps hitting below the belt. I believe that Obama probably isn’t the solution to all of our government’s problems, but I think he represents the biggest step in the right direction of any candidate we’ve seen since Bill Clinton. He’s demonstrated sound judgement under pressure during this campaign and has run an amazing campaign, energizing younger voters who in the past have not participated in the process.

  8. Krisgi [1] opinó:

    Obama has never stooped down to Hillary’s GOP tactics in order to win votes. He is the moral victor in the Ohio primary.
    Hillary = GOP
    McCain = GOP

    As a registered Democrat, it´s a simple choice.

  9. Jane M. opinó:

    I love him

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  1. Anonymous opinó:

    she not black

  2. Françoise opinó:

    Because she is a woman, they already rule the world.