Manga vs. American Comics

Two different art styles of comics. Japanese and american. Which one do you prefer?

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  1. Mali [1] opinó:

    Anime has much more in depth action and emotion drawn into the overall story and the art is stunning. There are much more diversity with anime generas

  2. rex [1] opinó:

    Anime everyone likes and wants to watch but american they dont because their childish and boring,even americans put on anime because they cant do anything good and nstead put anim e on

  3. jeun [1] opinó:

    A lot more variety, comes out more regularly, and the art style tends to be more pleasing to me. I frankly dislike the ‘realistic’ style the two biggest american comic makers (DC and Marvel) have going on. The facial expression in that style are either hard to read or creepy to me. Superhero comics (these are the only ones I have experience with) are just difficult to read to me. There’s all the colour, details, and the static picture, that force me to take my time taking it all in. I have to focus my attention on the text to get what’s going on in the picture, and then I still have to figure out what’s going on in the picture.
    All of this slows me down, and breaks up my reading stride, which I hate.
    Manga’s are just easier to take in with a glance, and that’s both the text and picture.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Both have there ups and downs and there are stereotypes but manga is better in my opinion. American comics are dying because a lot of concepts are played out. The superhero can only be done is so many ways and most comics art style hardly differ from the other. In manga you will see a much larger variety of art and story. From realistic to borderline cartoonish, manga aims at much larger audiences. you’ll rarely see a girl reading a marvel comic, but you’ll see groups of girls and guys reading manga. Its why manga captivates and sells more.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    i like manga cuz it has more epic and creative endings

  6. mikibd16 opinó:

    Personally I prefer Manga due to American Comics because the storylines are more diverse. Most American comics are about superheroes, a large part of the American culture. While reading Manga, I am introduced to a new culture. From monks to ninjas to death eaters, the stories generally tend to differ much moreso than American Comics. Although I must admit that I do love Batman.

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    Why? manga has an ending where american comics doesnt see an end… because of that you get newer characters in manga as for comics you get the same reoccurring characters o and somehow the villain breaks out of jail so you see the same villain over and over and over and over…

  8. MD Victor opinó:

    Manga is centered on the history of the character rather than the abilities he or she posses. American comics are too similar to a Michael Bay movie a lot of action and no substance whatsoever. While in manga you have a lot more of character developing and more variety in its histories. Also you have a beginning a middle and an End. In comics you have beginning middle lower sales, new beginning for same hero, middle lower sales and then again new beginning for same hero; is mind numbing.

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    broader range of topics being covered, not being dominated by Marvel and DC superheroes, while the american comics also have them, like I said earlier they’re largely overshadowed and dominated by Marvel and DC superheroes

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    Manga has better plots, the pics look actualy possible to draw. while american comics the US strech to make a good story into a cartoon for 6 year olds

  11. Anonymous opinó:

    Variety. When there are comedy, drama, slice-of-life, fantasy, si-fi, historical fiction, romance, horror, mystery, and tragedy American comics about teaching, surgery, cooking, spirals, and football directed towards young children, boys, girls, men, and women come get me. Until then I’ll keep reading GTO, Franken Fran, Addicted to Curry, Uzumaki, and Eyeshield 21.

  12. Jenn [1] opinó:

    More variety You get manga targeted toward different ages and genders,varied artwork instead of the same old style. american comics are kind of one sided targeted mostly for males.manga also has so many genre’s like psychological,supernatural,shoujo,seinen, shonen and more you can have your romance and action to. nothing is better than having a lot of genre’s to choose from, instead of just one basic formula that gets old after awhile, and leaves you wanting something different. which doesn’t happen often with manga because there’s always a good series to read are check out and see if you like, so for me manga tops.

  13. Anonymous opinó:

    cause it have a story and can give many learnings to kids and adults 🙂

  14. Anonymous opinó:

    I have to go with manga. There is simply a greater variety of themes to fit any interest, from action to comedy to romance (if you’re into that) and more. Also the characters are easier to relate to than many comics books here in America, and the characters tend to have greater development and depth. Just my 10 cents.

  15. Dean Matthew Ayuzawa [1] opinó:

    Manga has a very stylized art style which has unique aesthetic values. It also covers a wide scope of genres, from childish nonsense to action-packed stories about believing in oneself and the trusting in the bonds one created to the complexities of young love to the never-ending blood splattered violence to psychological thrillers to pure smut then to the end of life itself and rebirth…who could say manga is a narrow avenue. Reality has always been there, we need something new.

  16. Anonymous opinó:

    I prefer the manga genre over american comics because, well, it’s not really ONE genre. American comics, while interesting to some, are aimed mostly at male fans, while manga is directed both boys, girls, and adults. With manga I read a heartfelt romance story, the flip over and read the newest issue of Naruto. Also, the drawing style varies a lot from person to person. Some people draw very realistically, while some draw their characters very cutesy with big eyes. American comics usually revolve around one general style.

  17. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s more intimate and I like the artwork better

  18. Firebrite opinó:

    It is hard to find good american comics written geared towards a female audience. I can find lots of manga that I enjoy that let me see the relationships and the emotions of the characters. Honestly, I prefer the art as well.

  19. Grandmoogle opinó:

    Even though I like both very much I still have one word: Ecchi

  20. go4thegusto [1] opinó:

    I like both but i just finished reading a very funny Manga, LOVE HINA!!!!
    So Manag gets some props!!!

    @ Rigo Vigil
    Have you ever seen Oldboy?
    That movie was one of the best films made in the last decade. The film has based on a Manga and kicks serious ass. Check it out some time!!!

  21. Anonymous opinó:

    Certain manga discuss serious topics and can interest an adult audience

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American comics


  1. Anonymous opinó:

    have u read alan moore todd mcfarlane neil gaiman they some of the best ever lets not forget stan lee and countless others sandman is one of yhe most interesting comics out there

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    American comics. Especially the ones about superheroes. I think its a beautiful part of American culture, to want to save the world from evil and be strong. I hate when people bring them down. The comics themselves are well drawn, colored, and mature. I mean, if you can have dudes in tights and capes flying around and still take them seriously, then you’re doing something right. The soul of the characters and the positive message is inspiring.

    That being said, I am also a huge fan of manga. I’ve read lots. I don’t like the perversion you find in most of it though. But there’s some beautiful ideas and stories in manga.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    People who claim that manga is more varied than American comics aren’t looking in the right places. If you want romance, drama, comedy, don’t go to Superman/Spiderman/Punisher, go to Love and Rockets, go to Persepolis, Maus, etc. And people who claim that American comics are formulaic … I do NOT understand. Nearly all the top manga out are action manga, and I can definitely say, ALL. Of these manga. Are about a guy who needs to get stronger. The variation is in the ways he does get stronger. If the manga in question is not an action manga, it is then about a guy who is completely boring and useless and has things happen to him to make him unboring, said things include: harem of women falling for him, magical somebody steps into his life and makes everything better.

  4. Wolverine kicks magneto opinó:

    Would you like to live in a Colored World or Black n White World? Ans. is Simple, becos black n white is dull, boring and depressing. Color wins.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    American comics as they dont involove spikey hair and repitive plots plus the art is miles better and id rather read watchmen and hellboy over naruto or bleach more mature i used to be big anime manga fan but when i turned 19 i lost intrest in it.

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    though manga is great comics have better storylines better charectors better charector development charectors we can relate to and the style is much more realistic

  7. josh opinó:

    the art is far superior. the fans arent a bunch of nutwhacks. the story isnt pointless and repetitive, nor girly(no offense, ladies). not to mention the characters are much more well thought of. to many skinny little badboys in manga, but theres never any huge, muscular protagonist. not to mention the fact that pornography has far too large a part in manga culture, therefore i find american comics far better….

  8. Anonymous opinó:

    American comics influenced lots of japanese manga creators.

  9. Kagura-Roseh opinó:

    The art, mainly. It’s full of delicious detail. They are also more serious than most manga. Their plots are often less repetitive or have more thought put into them, too.

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    Their eyes are normal size, and their mouths are usually closed. 😐

  11. Rigo Vigil opinó:

    Western comics can also discuss serious topics and still interest adult audiences. I don’t see anyone making a legitimate feature film inspired by manga.

  12. Miadeo [1] opinó:

    Spidi is my heroe