Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

Which one do you prefer? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Why?



  1. whataslacker [13] argued:

    Pepsi is just like drinking a flat Coke with three packs of sugar poured into it. It is too sweet. Coke is just right and the bubbles to back it up. I hate going to a restaurant and ordering a coke only to hear is Pepsi okay? No it is not. Go out and get me a coke!

    #2 TeapotJedi vanilla coke is still out there and doesn’t the vanilla/cherry/whatever only make pepsi even more sickening sweet?

    Pepsi doesn’t make all their diet sodas in regular too, why? Not everyone can drink diet items so why not make both?

  2. gwyn [3] argued:

    The first sip of Pepsi tastes better, but then drinking the rest of it is an ordeal. That’s how the Pepsi challenge works I reckon… Coke all the way. Can’t believe I just bothered to type all this. I’m liking this site. It’s like unpaid market research.



  1. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    i agree with “Pepsi Dude” pepsi owns almost everything out there that is good… pepsi is good coke sucks

  2. Pepsi Dude [1] argued:

    Pepsi is so much better it has much more products also like gatorade quaker tropicana aquafina and frito lay

  3. TeapotJedi [5] argued:

    Pepsi! Definitely Pepsi! Bring back Vanilla Pepsi and I’ll never touch a Coke product again!

  4. Naman Bagga [8] argued:

    It tastes much better.

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