Maximum working week of 65 hours | Pro or against?

Vladimír ŠPIDLA, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities said: “This is a major step forward for European workers and it strengthens social dialogue.” Are you pro or against the Maximum working week of 65 hours. Just tell me why…


Pro maximum working week of 65 hours

  1. G.Bala Subramaniam [1] argued:

    Respected sir,here with i want to tell you that since very long time i am totally jobless and i am struglling etc for getting any job at any place but unfortunately my wish not fulfilled till date,my problem is that i have no any knowledge in any computer job and due to my over age and poverty i am not able to learn it so far.sir,i am ready to accept any unskilled job at any place for my earning present age is more than 50 and i am a unmarried person also but due to some family reason i want a job soon.Hence I request all person of this site to look my grievance and try to find a suitable help soon .If any one is ready to help me than email me accordingly.


Against maximum working week of 65 hours

  1. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    OR you can work four 10 hour shifts and have 3 days off. Anything over 40 hours should be OT.

  2. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    40 hours a week, 5 days a week. Anything else is optional over time.

  3. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    because if someone wants to work their ass off becuz their spouse left them and they have to pay the bills, they should be allowed to.

  4. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    Because we supposed to be workers – not slaves

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