Faithfulness vs. Unfaithfulness

Suggested by Alain Urcun: Faithfulness vs. Unfaithfulness. Are you faithfull or unfaithfull? Just tell me why…

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Suggested by Alain Urcun

  1. Savannah [5] opinó:

    It would hurt so much to find out the person you love doesn’t find enough in you alone. Why would you do that to someone else? If they’re not enough, you shouldn’t be together. You have to find that one person you can live with for the rest of your life.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    if you are faithful then you need not to remember many things to say.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    If you commit to each other, and truly love each other, you will be happy together.

  4. ansim [5] opinó:

    be honest to yourself!

  5. Nextw@y [2] opinó:

    Faithfulness !
    Cause, i think that today; Its really easy to meet somebody ! But, build, a life of love, It’s hardly ! (With the life today : the children, the money, the job, etc…)

    Amitiés !
    PS: Sorry for my poor english, i’m french !

  6. Sandy M [9] opinó:

    You have to have faithfulness for any relationship to work, whether it be personal or work related.

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Suggested by Alain Urcun

  1. Nextw@y [2] opinó:

    Me too !

  2. Sandy M [9] opinó:

    Unfaithfullness ruined my first marraige.