Do you lie about your age?

Some people lie or try to hide their real age, others are proud to tell. What do you do about your age?

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Yes, I do lie about my age

  1. limestone0km [1] opinó:

    I am 29. Due to Asperger’s, dysgraphia, dysfunctional parents, social maladjustment and academic failure I went into chronic depression. Which lasted about 10 years. From age 17 to 27. It was hell, took my most precious and formative years.

    Now I am free from the claws of depression, but I am overage for many things. Like first job, college education, first girlfriend, first kiss etc.

    I try hard to look as youthful as I can. But age shows somehow. Despite there is something subconscious or impulsive which compels me to tell my age a year or two younger (wherever I can lie about my age)

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    I’m blessed with a youthful appearance. The deeper reason is that I’ve always been conscientious about my status/position/station in life. I feel I should be more accomplished at whatever point so I lie to cover up my inadequacy.

  3. Mike opinó:

    It’s hard being young AND mature. Trying to get into a location where you are not allowed because of your age is difficult even though you are mature enough, and have enough experience. For example, if you are too young to get into a party, you may have to lie about your age to salvage your night and the fun that you will unregrettably have. Another would be introducing yourself to a man or lady who seems quite too old, even though it’s lying it still is a good idea to let two people have a good time, sometimes even more haha.

  4. kelly opinó:

    I’m 18, and if I’m at a college party with older people, I sometimes lie and say that I’m older and go to college somewhere far away, so that nobody will recognize me.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    cuz I’m old

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    I want to be looked smarter

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    because it gets me chicks

  8. Anonymous opinó:


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No, I never lie about my age

  1. Denis [66] opinó:

    Why should I? Actually, I never lie at all.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    I just don’t need it.
    Stay young)

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    Why should I ?

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Why should I?

  5. Anonymous opinó:


  6. Anonymous opinó:

    I am not that old yet!

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    Why would I?

  8. Anonymous opinó:

    i have a good age!

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    Why lie?

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    no real reason to

  11. Anonymous opinó:

    no need

  12. i love electric guitar [37] opinó:

    I’m twenty one, why would I?!