Should we give money to beggars?

Put aside the usual debate about selfishness and altruism. Is it fair and useful giving money to beggars?

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Yes, we all should give money to beggars

  1. sooraj opinó:

    Being a human we have feelings and emotions and to beggars force us to donate something .A fear of God that He has power to make you rich in a moment or a better .

  2. C.J.G. [1] opinó:

    hi,i as a beggar at traffic lights would like to say,that,i understand there are plenty of beggars,taking advantage of people’s generosity,and lots are addicts,unfortunately,we are all being tarred with the same brush….i would rather be earning a regular salary,rather than begging people for money,but,after looking for work for over 18 months,being forced to sleep on the streets,having no money to rent,and all family members passed away…I’m unable to rely on anyone,so,i begg,as i have done recycling of plastic and cardboard and got attacked a few times,by other recyclers as they accuse us of taking their would-be rubbish,and essentially their money…so i now rely on people’s generosity and fall at their mercy……not all of us are useless,uneducated and addicted to alcohol or drugs…we just need a helping hand for the time-being until we find employment….please don’t judge us the same,as we are all in a unique situation….thanks to those who do help….i stand at traffic lights in pretoria,at Nelson Mandela Drive,and Francis Baardt,also at Hamilton and Francis Baardt,and Edmund…..I’m not ashamed(anymore)as I would rather do this begging thing than get involved in crime… please people think about what I’ve just wrote and remember that we are all different….I’m not aggressive when someone can’t help me…just get a little frustrated when people start shouting abuse at me,saying i must get a job etc…when they don’t take the time to stop and ask me why I’m in this situation in the first place…..God Bless you all,thank you for your time to read this..please feel free to pass it on……yours sincerely….C.J.G……

  3. jimmy [1] opinó:

    Yes, we all should give money to beggars, because we have plenty to money and thing to live with, but most of the beggars don’t. There are some fake beggars because it is true that begging is easier to get money than working. However, for the real beggars, even five cents might be enough for them but for the fakers they will just ignore that tiny money, but the thing is our life won’t change without that five cents. Well, some governments help the beggars and there are place for them to eat with no money. Still, if you are a real beggar you will feel jealous when you see an ordinary not rich person. And you will feel happy if a person gives you some money. To conclude, the good things about helping the beggars are that you ARE helping them and you feel proud even though you gave them almost nothing.

  4. umra imran [1] opinó:

    i think we should give money to beggars because it makes us feel good these poor people are just like you and they just haven’t that luck we had in life.

  5. Yasir Arfat Khan Niazi [2] opinó:

    I think,they don’t any work so they do beg.
    If any department give money&living place so they don’t beg.They are v.poor & unhealthy.
    They look like v.dirty.
    If u have some coins so give them.
    They pray for ur life and your family.

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    if he/she is miserable & demanding food, then we should purchase food for him/her. We should not give him money.

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    I think we should,because we could weigh happiness pennies can give.

  8. Anonymous opinó:

    If people give money to beggars, they can start new life.

  9. Anonymous [2] opinó:

    It may serve well to finance a beggar’s education (i.e. pay his/her school fees.) A diploma of some sort (an allegorical fishing lesson) is likely to assist said beggar in re-assimilating into society; as such, help him/her become a contributer to the labor workforce as opposed to a burden.

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    A person’s quality is best seen in how they treat the poor.

  11. Anonymous opinó:

    Every beggar no! But some yes

  12. All Beggars [3] opinó:

    Correction: Give the beggar what you can afford and be thankful that you more fortunate.

  13. All Beggars [3] opinó:

    Shelters, food banks and charitable organizations have their rules and limits. Example: A homeless shelter in NYC has a cap of 30 days and there are rules, you break one, you’re out. But what if that homeless person suffers from schizophrenia and can’t follow perfect directions to obey the rule? Give the beggar what you can afford and don’t be thankful that you more fortunate. No one can be in a lower moment in life, homeless are truly the poor.

  14. All Beggars [3] opinó:

    Each of us are made in the likeness of G-d. Also, how humiliating is it to beg? Very. People don’t get use to begging, they get tired of it and it weighs down on them psychologically in more ways than most of us know. Give what you can and you will sleep better at night.

  15. Anonymous opinó:

    Please tell me about it

  16. Anonymous opinó:


  17. Anonymous opinó:

    Every beggar no! But some yes! I’m not a beggar because I choose not to be. I feel like I should be because it’s the only way I will not lose everything now. I worked, always have. I’m now divorced and now my parents are disabled. I have brothers. You can say I should put parents in nursing home and move on regardless but I beg to differ. My mother took care of my father when he became disabled 17 years ago. Now her health is bad. It’s not fair to her to put them in nursing home now, nor would I think about it because of how they get treated. I am taking care of them with no help from brothers. It seems to be that way with every family. It’s always one. I had to take leave of absence from work to care for them. When I worked, we took collections every week for people who were having hard times, family deaths like aunt, uncle, cousin, grandmother, and closer. We took collections for people that were sick, including family members, I gave to every one. I gave way more not because I have more to give but because I am touched by that and want to give. I guess they saw it as I have much to give. Every time I have been out, I don’t even get a card. My mom had surgery and quit breathing, almost lost her. I donated to someone, 16 hours of pto when I only had 32 hours. knowing I had to take time off too. I gave what I could so she would have money coming in as she was a single parent with no pto. Not a single one has sent me a single dollar or flower or anything. They think I had money but they dont know I had payments coming out of my paycheck for bankruptcy because I took on everything after my divorce and couldn’t handle it. Now because I have no income, I have no pto, I’m not paying bk, not paying insurance, not paying anything. I am losing it all. Do I thing you should give me money? No. It’s not your place. I think we should all be helping each other that we know. If we did. We wouldn’t have to help people we don’t know.

  18. anda [1] opinó:

    unless you know the beggar and you’ve seen him harassing people or something like that, there’s a pretty low chance he/she really has no other way of earning money, but it’s not zero.

7 reasons for

No, we shouldn´t give any money to beggars

  1. samra [1] opinó:

    it is the beggars fault being poor.if they work hard like us,so they would be certainly a person like us.

  2. Yasir Arfat Khan Niazi [2] opinó:

    I think,Begger are v.dangerious person.
    They look like v.poor but they are
    They do beg because they don’t want to work so they think if money come from another ways,so we don’t work and sit along with road & collect the money.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    we should not give money,because we don’t know if they are really beggars.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    They waste it on alcahol

  5. Denis [66] opinó:

    They have to work not to ask. They live richer than I do.

  6. old man [1] opinó:

    Why we should not give money to beggers?

  7. Ali A [22] opinó:

    Because there are programs, shelters, food banks and charitable organization who help the homeless and mentally ill. Beggars are lazy and dependent on free aid from others.