What would you do if you found drugs in your luggage?

Suggested by dan: What would you do if you found drugs/narcotics that are not yours in your luggage while traveling to a foreign country? Would you contact authorities or you´d pretend you never saw it? Just tell me why…

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Pretend you never saw it it

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  1. Jesse opinó:

    Telling someone about it is a dumb idea. Unless you know you were going to get caught it’d be smarter to just get rid of it on your own.

    or sell it. lol

  2. anonymous [2] opinó:

    A) Check your consulates travel advisories before traveling to any foreign/sovereign nation/state (or even the next country come to that.) B) Read the translator version of at least three of the newspapers online and three of the TV and radio stations online of the country, state, city and county and jurisdiction of the plave you are traveling to before and during traveling there and check the local official Crookometer beforehand…Basicall you cannot afford to trust any country, city, county, state or province on planet Earth now. C) Avoid and refrain from doing any business or communications with any country that already hates you or your kind/type for whatever reason and warn everyone you know to financially and socially boycott that country and its types/kinds at all times, either in person or electronically. D) Dont carry baggage; Fedex your basic essentials to the closest Fedex station worldwide so they are there when you arrive

  3. coldtobi [5] opinó:

    Don’t forget: there is death penalty in some countries….
    Better make sure that you are not suspect…
    Burn it, destory it ASAP and make sure you safe your ass.

  4. Kickmurder [1] opinó:

    I wouldn’t trust the authorities not to assume I was involved. They potentially would assume that I was guilty. Law Enforcement in a foreign coutnty might see it even more negatively and even in the US/Canada in post-9/11 times I could just imagine I would end up in jail. Hell even throwing it away is risky as any residue could cause a random drug dog to alert on me. Tough call for sure. Would depend entirely on when I realized it was there.

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Contact authorities

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  1. Anonymous opinó:

    i would freak out!!!!!

  2. anonymous [2] opinó:

    No…given that corruption, incompetence, greed, stupidity, illiteracy, cowardice, poverty, ignorance and hatred are the commonplace modus operandi of most all countries, states, provinces, cities, counties, continents and regions, just stay home, save your money and look at pretty pictures of idyllic locations on the internet whilst wearing sunglassing and sitting under a sunlamp beind a potted tropical plant while listening to the “exotic” (highly subjective muzaaakq of your choosing….simply dont bother right now…its a waste of time….oh and stock up on organic, cruelty-free, nonexploitative, better yet, home made potato chips and pure, clean liquids and foods not form a foreign country of dubious contamination levels….just surf the subways of earth on YouTube…its cheaper and less smelly…

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    I think I would probably put the bags down and contact my countries consulate and tell them and hope its my lucky day