Will all oil disappear?

Do you think will all oil disappear?

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Yes, the oil will disappear

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    it will disappear in my life time I am only 14 there isn’t enough!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    yes the oil will disappear because there isn’t enough for the hole planet
    oil is what was left from dead tree’s millions of years ago

  3. Jesse opinó:

    It’s a non-renewable resource so it’s common sense that it will run out.

    We won’t move on to a new source of fuel before than because the oil industry won’t allow that to happen.

  4. Rick opinó:

    Probably not in our lifetime, but eventually, it will be gone. It may be thousands of years away, but hopefully by then we will have alternative sources of energy to use in our daily lives and oil will be obsolete.

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No, the oil will never disappear

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    because earth will keep making oil but that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy to find the oil we need for our daily uses. Which is why more people are using more alternative resources.

  2. Zana [1] opinó:

    Because oil is formed beneath the surface of earth. We pump it out, and as the years goes by. More oil will be produced under the surface. Today we need to narrow the usage of oil, not because it will disappear. But it will leave a larg gap of timespace without oil. We need other ways of transportation that doesnt use oil.

  3. Rigo Vigil opinó:

    Though it’s a finite resource they oil deposits won’t run dry for a long time and before that happens we will have moved on to a new source of energy.