Traditional Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine

You can use both in a complementary way but surely you are closer to Conventional or Traditional medicine or Alternative Medicine.

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Alternative Medicine

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    what is alternative

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    Conventional medicine has gone completely off the rails. And you can lay the reason for that at the door of modernism, “scientific realism,” and the insane belief that we can improve on the work of the Master (or improve on a system that has stood the test of deep time, depending on what you believe about how we got here). Conventional medicine does a few things right, but when it comes to cancer and cardiovascular disease, it has struck out, and monumentally.

    Check out Jordan Rubin at The Maker’s Diet, George Malkmus at The Hallelujah Diet ( and Joseph Mercola, DO ( if you want some really good advice on how to stay healthy and shell out less in the long run while you’re doing it.

    “You changed the samples, didn’t ya, huh?…He falsified his research! So that RDU-90 would gain FDA approval, and Devlin-McGregor could bring you ‘Provasic’!” — Harrison Ford, as Richard Kimble, MD, in /The Fugitive/ (1993)

    Hey–not saying that medical researchers routinely kill witnesses who figure out that clinical trials aren’t going so well. But you gotta wonder just how efficacious those new drugs really are. Especially when you might be able to avoid ever needing them.

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Conventional or Traditional Medicine

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    Conventional medicine is founded on sound scientific research. That alone makes it better than any untested “alternative medicines” that might be completely useless and even harmful to the person that consumes said medicine. Conventional medicine is run through strict medical trials that are overseen and double checked at every turn. This is something that the proponents of alternative medicine have never done because they know that they’re solutions would not stand up to the scrutiny that any real scientist would require to be convinced of a medication’s legitimacy.

    I recommend that you either listen to or read some of the relevant information on websites such as

    or better yet that you use your brain and do your own research into the topic instead of mindlessly taking the word of two strangers on something as important as your health.