Do you like Christmas?

Do you like or dislike Christmas? Just tell me why…


I like Christmas

  1. Dipak Iss Cool [1] argued:
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    I like chritmas because there is celebrations in the world. All people are happy and celebrating chritmas with pomp and show. Childrens are happy for their gifts. There is snow all over so it is enjoyable.

  2. Dud [1] argued:
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    yes i like cristmas very much

  3. Anonymous [1698] argued:
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    i like Christmas because that day god birth day and i will give the suprioes of god

  4. Anonymous [1698] argued:
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    Because this day is Jesus’s birthday and it sends very nice spirit across the world..and i love all the fun , its very different kind of feeling and its lovely


I dislike Christmas

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