Palestine | Jewish or arab?

Which one of these two option is the best for Palestine? Jewish or arab? Why?

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  1. George opinó:

    Palestinians lived there centuries before the Jews. As Golda Meir (the first Israeli president), “We all were Palestinians before”. But Israel is a fact now. They should stop the discrimination against Arabs and live there together. They have to stop hardliners on both sides.

  2. Zhang opinó:

    Is it not the same with Tibet and China?

  3. Zhik opinó:

    It´s an unjustice what is happening in Palestina. Don´t they remember the holocaust?

3 reasons for


  1. Israeli Sex [2] opinó:

    Because Jews dont send suicide bombers.

  2. TeapotJedi [5] opinó:

    Jewish, for two reasons: one, they were there first. Two, where the Jews lived, there was civilization. Where the Arabs lived, there was war and desolation. Only the rise of Islam gave them the veneer of civilization, and they have since tossed aside the best tenets of Islam and reverted back to their tribal behavior instead of moving up to the true promise of Islam. Let the Arabs have their nomadic lifestyle if that’s what they want, but let people who are willing to develop cities and states and civilization have the land.

  3. Kane opinó:

    Because they lived there before.