Pocoyo vs. Caillou

If you have children they probably know these two fictional characters.

The spanish Pocoyo and the canadian Caillou.

Which one do you (or your children) prefer?



  1. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    Me and my family prefer Pocoyo by far. The characters are much nicer to each other, and unlike Caillou the family is kind and respectful of rules and each other. While I’m not a stickler for following every guideline, I don’t accept screaming and crying any time, let alone as a defining character trait.

  2. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    viva pocoyo pq caillou es un calvo que no crece

  3. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    yo voto por pocoyo

  4. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    Why not?



  1. Anonymous [1713] argued:


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