Would you have sex with a stranger for $1000000?

An Indecent Proposal, just one nigth sex with a totally stranger for $1000000. Would you agree?


Yes, I would have sex with a stranger for $1000000

  1. Anonymous [1702] argued:


  2. Chii [1] argued:

    i enjoy sex….the money is a plus

  3. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    1 million dollars is a lot of money. And its sex not selling a kidney. But no fat chicks!… wait for a million dollars yeah them too, but I would turn out the lights and pretend I was with someone else.

  4. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    because sex is awseome!! and to get paid for it… bring it oN!!!

  5. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    fuck it that much money cant be shoed away lol

  6. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    THat depends! hot, sexy, muscular, guys. maybe.. i will use condom, and he better pay up after this.. or else.. he will be losing something.

  7. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    Because im horny and i want 2 be rich

  8. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    Ill do Jen for free, she looks cute!!

  9. sinistercock [1] argued:

    As long as its a chick cause I am not gay, and come on.. Get payed to get satisfaction, hell yeah!!

  10. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    As long as I have a rubber, satisfaction and money all in one perfect!!

  11. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    yea and I would do it for fee cuz i love sex with strangers ^_^

  12. Anonymous [1702] argued:


  13. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    It would make life ALOT easier.

  14. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    cause i love sex

  15. Anonymous [1702] argued:

    if they had at least a decent body and was a member of the opposite sex.

  16. Nugger [4] argued:

    Shit, I’d sex them for a mere FIVE dolla’.

  17. Jen [1] argued:

    1000000 is a lot of money. It would change my life, and really, how long would it take? I think some of those once in a lifetime chances should be taken.

  18. JKM [1] argued:

    If it´s Robert Redford I´d spend one week for $1000000, for Bush the price would be $1000000000000 for 1 second


No, I wouldn´t have sex with a stranger for $1000000

  1. Denis [67] argued:

    I wouldn’t. Why should a normal person pay me money for sex? And why should I have sex with an “abnormal” person?

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