Your home is where you live or where you were born?

What is more important to you? Where is your home? Your birthplace or where you live?



My home is where I was born

  1. Mpumelelo [1] argued:
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    Couz iwanna be smart,clever &rich

  2. P man pride [3] argued:
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    Why?becoz this s where my parents is zimbabwe now i stay in south africa

  3. Yuri [1] argued:
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    Home is where you born because thats where your language comes from and thats where your culture was established, if you come to USA for example you gotta learn another culture and language and you get expected to do something different, and then you start missing your country and everyone does and thats a proof that home is where you born and overseas is not home its just another land that is only good to visit and not live but go to usa and try to say that to americans they gona look at you like you r their sworn enemy because they think that you owe them to live in usa forever and pay taxes and become a citizen.

  4. Anonymous [1696] argued:
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    SHISHPAL 02,MARCH 1983


My home is where I live

  1. John2010 [2] argued:
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    Though born in Holland I live in Spain (15 yrs) because I feel well here (amidst Spanish neighbours and friends). I feel at home here and… after many years I see Holland changed so much, that it has become a ‘foreign’ country indeed. Home is where I like to live!

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