Human clonation | Agree or disagree

Should human beings be cloned? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

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28 reasons for

Human beings should not be cloned

  1. Really have to know my name? [1] opinó:

    Every living organisms has its value since they are all different. Also, It’s risky!

  2. Wiktoria opinó:

    Because it is hurtful ☹️

  3. slade opinó:

    because its rong

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Heck no
    I dont wanna see 25 people of me

  5. erika [1] opinó:


  6. Anonymous opinó:

    it is soooooooooooo stewpid !!!!!!! !…

  7. Anabela Quitério opinó:

    Personally, I think human cloning should be forbidden: once clones are created, they’re automatically people. Then, as every human being has rights, clones, as human beings, should have rights, too. Consequently, we cannot treat them like objects and use them like insignifficant things.
    Cloning is also bad for many other biological reasons: first, it doesn’t contribute to genetic variety, so, if a natural disaster happened, as they have the same characterists, they would face extinction and second, it is very difficult to clone a person, because, as it happened with Dolly, scientists would need to do thousands of experiments, till having their clone.

  8. Bruno Mestre opinó:

    In my opinion cloning shouldn’t be developeded.I think lives should be lived like they are.Cloning is immoral and ethically incorrect.The human being shouldn’t be changed by a clone.If we have a disease we will try to cure that, but not change an organ, because it can put our lives at risk.Otherwise if we have cloning our life expectancy will be high than ever.In sum I disagree with cloning.

  9. Adriana Nunes opinó:

    Well, in my opinion cloning have two distinct faces. Cloning already exists but has never been practiced on human and right now it isn’t possible yet but scientists are working hardly to make this possible in a near future . Altough human cloning is a big step for science, it would be unethical creating a clone just to garantee our own life and use just when we need them the most to replace damaged organs or cells because a clone is also a person with feelings and this is immoral from an ethical point of view. But what if we could create a clone without turning a person ? well, it would be different but it would bring also problems to society.. Cloning is a big step in fact, but how much is it worth ?

  10. Beatriz Caetano opinó:

    In my opinion, cloning has good and bad things. The good thing is that endangered species could be saved with animal cloning. The bad thing is that human cloning could be good to save people who need an organ transplant. However, to obtain a life, you have to kill other live person. Human clone is a person also, he has feelings like us.

  11. Diane Jang opinó:

    •It is against the will of nature.
    •Cloned humans are still humans in a way! If we kill them to get organs, it will be murder.
    •God didn’t intend for us to just grow another organ. We live than we die. That’s nature. I think its God’s choice to decide when we will die, not some scientist.

  12. Jesse opinó:

    We may be able to re-create our bodies in the future, but you cannot re-create a soul.

    No matter how similar they look, a person and their clone will have different souls and will therefore be different people.

    We also make too many people as it is naturally.

  13. Anonymous opinó:

    it isn’t necessary…. there is no valuable reason for a person to be cloned.. i believe that there are enough people in the world and we do not need a copy of all of them.

  14. Anonymous opinó:

    because thats against nature!

  15. Anonymous opinó:

    We are the fruit of thousands of years of evolution. A clone is the fruit of few hours experiment.. We are not GOD and we can’t really understand ALL the factors which really impacts in the creation of the life. The human clonation is useless unless we want to commit some crime… (like killing the clone to get some organ).

  16. Anonymous opinó:

    The fact we are all different makes the world more interesting … imagine clones of David Cameron all over the place … Let’s all be individuals and bring our own individuality to the world!

  17. Anonymous opinó:

    because the human now believes he is God and creator of life,and we were created,we have what we need why create more of what we have? if we have endangered our creatures in this planet it is because of abuse and global warming.

  18. K41 [1] opinó:

    It’s against the dignity that of a human, of having a life for ourselves and to not be manipulated by others

  19. Anonymous opinó:

    think about the clones life!!!!!

  20. Anonymous opinó:


  21. Anonymous opinó:

    beacuse when someone dies , it was his time to leave from this world, we werw born to die, if every people who dies is cloned there will be to much people in the palnet, new babies each day are born, let the world be natural not artificial

  22. Anonymous opinó:

    I disagree

  23. Anonymous opinó:

    if the world is over populated if you clone it would be a disaster, and if god created us then he only knows how are we made if a human is cloned its not going to be perfect

  24. Anonymous opinó:

    I disagree it with it totally because there shouldnt be any creation of a human only in the hands of our Allah (God), but thats my point of veiw from my religion, and teachings, but I respect all other reasons also

  25. Anonymous opinó:

    Humans beings should not be cloned because it is unatural, and it could end up in the wrong hands and mess up the way of life

  26. Anonymous opinó:

    if we are cloned, then one disease can kill off a huge population since the population shares the same genetic code.

  27. digitalbrian [11] opinó:

    We already have a over populated world.

  28. Temlakos opinó:

    Human cloning can bring no good to the society that attempts it (or even allows it). It contributes to de-humanization–the notion that human life is no more dear than any other form of life, and is reducible to a mere commodity.

    Merely because one can do a thing, is not sufficient reason to say that he must do that thing, or even that he may do that thing. Society owes it to its own posterity to lay down the law: do not tamper with the stuff of life.

    Besides: by what arrogance does anyone seriously believe that he can improve upon the Work of the Master?

15 reasons for

Human beings should be cloned

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Cuz I cam make an army lolololol

  2. Me opinó:

    Because heck yeah!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    ha how do ya feel 12 people disagree with cloning lol

  4. Ricardo Nestler opinó:

    In my opinion the clone technology is a good invention for the humanity and should to continue a controlled development, we should put limits for the use about human cloning.
    I think that human cloning is an interesting way to follow, but I think that clone organs and parts from the body have more benefics utilities.
    We can clone healthy organs to transplant when ours organs are not functional (for many reasons), so we can solve many health problems and cure many deseases.
    For exemple, one person has a sick heart, we can clone its heart with its young DNA and then transplant it.

  5. Fernando Capelôa [1] opinó:

    In my point of view cloning is a really positive thing in the animals and plants world.
    If you have an endangered species you could help it with the cloning method. You clone it and do more animals of that species and contribute to biodiversity, so you avoid extintions.
    On the other hand, cloning could be good and bad at the same time. For example, when you clone a human being you could use he or she to save your life. The clone could give you a heart if you need it. But a human clone has a mind and he can think. If you need a heart and your clone gives it to you, he will die, you will kill a human being who has fellings.

  6. Jenny Jang opinó:

    • It would be a big step in the field of science and many more discoveries could be made from it.
    • With cloning, infertile couples could have children.
    • When there are endangered species, (animal/ plants) they can clone them and not make them endangered.
    • With human cloning and its technology it may be possible to ensure that we no longer suffer because of our defective genes.(Kidney/ Liver/Heart transplants, etc.)
    • We should be able to clone the bone marrow for children and adults suffering from leukemia. (A type of cancer of the blood or bone marrow characterized by an abnormal increase of white blood cells.)

  7. gio [1] opinó:

    new evolution of life

  8. harold [2] opinó:

    we are a dying bree all of us

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    because if a person ever needs an organ u can just open up the clone and get the organ that the person needs from its clone and that would really help

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    I’m told to go F myself so often, it would make it easier. 😛

  11. Anonymous opinó:


  12. Anonymous opinó:

    Life is not sacred. This is a biased opinion expressed by the living, who have a vested interest in perpetuating this fallacy. If the dead could be heard from, they would not hold this opinion, quite the contrary, and since they greatly outnumber the living, by majority we would reverse this idea and see that cloning humans is a perfectly legitimate waste of our time here on earth.

  13. Mr. [Mauro(Giro)] [1] opinó:

    ”I Disagree but the Clonation is interesting for Create a Immortality. Study a D.n.a. Human and Genetical of brain(s)”.

  14. digitalbrian [11] opinó:

    Then we could clone Hussein and keep killing him again and again.

  15. Jeremy opinó:

    Throughout history, ignorance is the most constant cause of human stupidity. We can actually see a microcosm of this in todays culture. Children in modern america are raised with poor sexual education. Parents are not comfortable talking about this subject with their children, hence children are forced to live with their own imagination when it comes to this subject. This imagination often leads them astray. Many kids make it through this just fine, by first putting a toe in, then a foot, then a leg, and then perhaps jumping right in. It’s the kids who deliberately abstain until they’re 23 who have the real problems in their marriage later.

    Likewise, there is no reason to maintain our own ignorance. Eventually, humans will be cloned. It’s not a question of if, only when. Therefore, the more knowledge and experience that can be gained incrementally and carefully now will prove invaluable in the future.