Euthanasia | Pro or against?

What do you think of Euthanasia? Must be legal or illegal? Why?

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4 reasons for

Against euthanasia

  1. david76 opinó:

    we were given this life-why waste it

  2. Unknown opinó:

    wouldnt you want to spend all the life you had left with the ones you love suicide is shortening that precious time you would have left

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    Live is precious.

  4. Françoise opinó:

    #Kim L.: You must be a sad person, not enjoying living and not knowing what dignity means.

    The suicide is a coward act.

7 reasons for

Pro euthanasia

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    What if it hurts, if it hurts to be alive? What if the very act of living is unbearable pain? It will also cause family member’s lives to disrupted and filled with sadness. Even though a family member dying may be even more sad, at least it’s only for a while and it’ll boil over, at least they know that now, the patient is not suffering in pain. What if the person has been lying in coma for months, and there are actually people out there with higher chances of living and need the bed? What if the family is going broke, which might just cause their own lives to be in danger or poverty and suffering, just from paying the hospital bills that staying in the hospital is incurring when the chances of survival are very low or when the person has terminal illness?

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    if someone has a terminal illness, and no family and is unable to leave their hospital bed, what do you want them to do? lie in their own misery and sorrow? it is their decision, and often family is involved in the decision.

  3. Al García [9] opinó:

    Your life is yoursd and it depends only on you. If you aren’t able to finish it, you should have the right to allow somebody to do it for you.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Can relieve pain.

  5. God [3] opinó:

    # Francoise, not all are privileged to live a happy life like yourself. Why would you care if someone chooses what to do with their life? It’s sorta like gay-rights. Why do Christians care about what goes on behind closed doors?

  6. Kohl opinó:

    Hey Francoise, read a bit about other people´s lives. Be brave and happy after this:

  7. Kim L. opinó:

    Because it´s our life.

    There are four possible situations. Imagine a patient writhing with insufferable pain.

    1. The patient’s life is not at risk if she is not medicated with painkillers (she risks dying if she is medicated)

    2. The patient’s life is not at risk either way, medicated or not

    3. The patient’s life is at risk either way, medicated or not

    4. The patient’s life is at risk if she is not medicated with painkillers