Should popcorn be banished at the movies?

Suggested by Hombre Perplejo: Popcorn has become an integral part of cinema-going but lots of people absolutely hate it.


Yes, I hate Popcorn at the movies

Suggested by Hombre Perplejo

  1. Denis [67] argued:

    I go to the movies to watch not to eat or drink or talk or something… And I don’t like somebody chewing into my ear.

  2. Jonathan Meager [30] argued:

    Only if you want it to be

  3. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    bad sound

  4. Cloudless sulfer [1] argued:

    it is overpriced and not everyone chews with their mouth closed

  5. juko [1] argued:

    I hate popcorn


No, Popcorn is an integral part of cinema-going

Suggested by Hombre Perplejo

  1. James Wilson [3] argued:

    Why hate popcorn? it’s got nothing against you!

  2. Ali A [22] argued:

    its a good snack that doesn’t create a lot of noise

  3. Rigo Vigil [14] argued:

    The cinema is nothing without popcorn. What else are you going to throw at the screen if the movie is awful? Soda? I think not.

  4. Anonymous [1712] argued:

    who could hate popcorn?

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