If time travel were possible, would you like to time travel to the past or to the future?

Time travel is a Science fiction, philosophical and literature issue. If time travel were possible… Would you prefer to travel to the past or to the future?

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I’d rather time travel to the past than to the future

  1. Anonymous opinó:

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  2. Ronlaw [15] opinó:

    However are you going to prove the people in the future that you’re not an illegal immigrant, since your documents are outdated and your money is just too old? Having stuff from the past doesn’t prove time travel in any way. Besides, everyone you know may have already passed away, all of your properties might not be yours anymore and your only likely companies are hipsters who love talking about the past. Travelling to the future is like going abroad to an unknown country. Why the hell would you want that?

    On the other hand, travelling to the past by only a few minutes may change your life forever. You can be rich, fix a major mistake or just enjoy whatever “knowing what’s going to happen” can do for you. Of course it might be completely different if you happen to change important events – butterfly effect and whatnot, but still a lot more interesting than travelling to the future.

  3. Denis [66] opinó:

    Cause my views of life agree better with the traditions of the past than with the actualities (all the more with the future).

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    because if i did something wrong i can fix it

  5. chad opinó:

    wow !!! I´d love to meet my ancestors

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    The future is scary. There’s no telling what might or might not be there. The past is still full of enough mystery for me.

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I’d rather time travel to the future than to the past

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Because the past is overrated. Even just a century ago, even the wealthiest people has very little comfort in their lives, medicine against very basic diseases, etcetera. Good luck with that teeth ache for those who want to go to the past. Not to mention the 7 children per decade you will get with your wife, if she doesn’t die from giving birth that is. Although some might think the future is scary and more freedom will be lost, I am a firm believer that technology, and more specifically the decentralization of communication it enables, will set mankind free eventually. As improved communication technologies also allow for more centralization there might be a big “clash of intent” though between freedom seeking individuals and power seeking governments. So, in short, my belief is that the future will allow for more organised evil, but it will be fought much more effectively. Informed reason will triumph over political manipulation.

  2. xxx opinó:

    The past is past, I´d love to travel to the future to the unknown