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What is your best system to make Money with your blog: AdSense (cost per clic system) or paid links (flat fee system)?

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Paid links

Suggested by Xema Belmonte

  1. jay [1] opinó:

    With many sites on the move and with bloggers on the rise it is a better option to go for paid posts as you dont earn cent by cent. 1 payment of $10 is far better than 1 cent every click 🙂

  2. Mo Money [2] opinó:

    With low traffic you’ll be waiting a long time to get anything out of AdSense. There are sites that will pay you for links on your site, regardless of page impressions.

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Suggested by Xema Belmonte

  1. iwan [4] opinó:

    To earn money, Adsense is good choice for further.

  2. coldtobi [5] opinó:

    Pro: Adsense is available to even smaller sites/projets. Most other serves you only with a certain traffic.

    Con: On smaller sites, it takes years to get paid ($100 limit)

    I’d go for a mixture.

  3. Rafie [1] opinó:

    Ah! Too much ads can kill indeed. But AdSense teaches you to be much more patience person. Earning cent by cent. If you’re lucky, you might hit $10 a day.

  4. ansim [5] opinó:

    Helpful for new sites to get started and people to make easy money.

  5. PlanetBuzz [1] opinó:

    It’s also helpful for new sites to get started and people to make easy money.
    That’s exactly how things get going and discovered- by getting the word out!

  6. John opinó:

    Because both help moving traffic to a site but only paid links move also PageRank, therefore it means that who has more money gets more traffic and more Page Rank, regardless of the quality of their content