Religion: Are you free to do anything in the afterlife?

The things religions consider ‘sin’ and a cause for ‘going to Hell’ can be done in heaven?

Suggested by Ronlaw

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Yes, once in heaven we are free to do anything

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No, once in heaven we are NOT free to do anything

  1. DECI o Bells [5] opinó:

    The questioner is implying that you are forbidden to have sex as a soul in the next existence by putting forward the usual reverse hypnosis argument namely sex versus the after life existence. An old age liberal trick to send you anti light. Now That is not to say that anything CRIMINAL will be tolerated in the light not a chance so those who SIN that is to say molest and so forth or rape, their non souls will not have any place in the next existence.
    Evil cannot exist in light. No lie can exist in the truth. So what the questioner means by “FREE” is only for him or her to know??
    As for implying I am not free to think of my girlfriend or be with my girlfriends soul in the next life that’s just a liberal trick.
    There is always a middle ground not with liberals though. Its not conservatives who design questions that answer themselves.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    no because i think that heaven is not the last stage of life

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    ya ,bcoz there it starts an another life where we also have to follow rules.