Do you love the Eurovision Song Contest or hate it?

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Do you love it or hate it?

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7 reasons for

I love The Eurovision Song Contest

  1. Eamonn2006 [2] opinó:

    People saying, that it’s political just doesn’t make sense. It really doesn’t. If you exclude Russia, Belarus, some of the Caucasus and sometimes Ukraine everybody in Europe are friends.

  2. Eamonn2006 [2] opinó:

    People, who say, that there are only 2 or 3 good songs every year and just wrong, completely wrong. People can say, that I am biased, but so is anybody, who hates it. Bloc voting exists, because neighbouring countries like the UK and Ireland often share the same music industry.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    Simon Kugler

  4. Anonymous opinó:


  5. Anonymous opinó:


  6. Anonymous opinó:

    just because

  7. Villas [1] opinó:

    Yes, because it is a big show

14 reasons for

I hate The Eurovision Song Contest

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Because it is so utterly awful with talentless individuals in a trulh awful event that the UK should NEVER take part in ever again.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    I hate it because the show drones on for HOURS and there’s too much talking and irritating putting off by the announcers I FRIGGIN HATE THAT CRAB

  3. Anonymous [1] opinó:

    People like to get drunk just to tear apart other countries with an often unspoken but predominant racist overtone. Countries vote based on political history not the music itself. Inclusion of countries such as Israel & Australia highlights the white supremacist aesthetic of the show.

  4. Jos [1] opinó:

    It’s crap. Lowest common denominator music and political propaganda.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    Because it embodies all the worst traits of Europe. Trivial working class songs sung by androgynous children, many from countries that are not really European and a voting system that is tainted and spurious.

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    Its pure rubbish TV and way to Political, people vote for countries NOT songs

  7. Findlay [1] opinó:

    Derivative cheesy generic europop.
    horrible gimmicks Austrian Transexual/Russian Grannies?
    political voting patterns.
    overly long show/shows.
    irritating presenters.
    annoying crowd who must be drunk or drugged to cheer at some of the dross they hear.

    If it was a genuine music show with multiple genres and a free public vote across all competing nations then we might see a decent show.

  8. M Griff [1] opinó:

    I hate it cause the music is about good as the fashion and costumes that get thrown around. Typical Euro trash!

  9. Jens4805 opinó:

    1] It’s (almost exclusively) about pop music. I would like to see some variety in genres. Make room for creativity instead of this same style music that at times really makes you question yourself why it’s even worth bringing up.

    2] With so many countries and great song entries it’s a shame that not all countries can participate in the finals. I think everyone have had that feeling about the song that’s going to represent their nation thinking: “This song was a waste of time – why not bring up another song from a minor country instead? [Insert song] sounds AMAZING!”.

  10. Denis [66] opinó:

    1) There are 2 or 3 moderately good songs every year. At most.
    2) It’s about pop music and pop music IS NOT art.
    3) It’s discredited as a contest: the country with the largest diaspora and ability to electrify it (politically) wins.

  11. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s just stupid

  12. Anonymous opinó:

    Everything is bought. I hate this contest because it’s not so important and cool as it wants to be.

  13. סקס כדורגל [1] opinó:

    Its only for the show and the “prestige” – not a real music contest.

  14. vibanco [1] opinó:

    I hate. This festival must desapear or change.