Suicide: A coward’s act or A brave’s act?

Do you think that people that commit suicide are braves or cowards? Just tell me why…

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People that commit suicide are cowards

  1. Kalie [1] opinó:

    They are neither. There is nothing brave or cowardly about ending your life. People end it for they have no way out. How is that brave. Is it cowardly for feeling that your life is miserable and no matter how hard you try all the days agonizing for a good day, hoping, praying but nothing ever gets better so your only thought is lets get out, lets leave this place that does not even want me here either. Is it brave to decide to end your life? How? By saying my life is screwed up so let me be the brave one and kill myself. No I think not it has nothing to do with being brave or cowardice. Do you think someone so sunken into depression to think oh look I am going to kill myself so I am brave. I think not. When in depression you think about it the bad things and no matter how hard you try it just keeps getting worse and worse, and by the time you try or succeed killing yourself you are already numb to it all. You could even smile thinking oh yeah I am about to do it, end my life, it is all for the better.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    Because people should at least face the life they’ve been given, rather than throw it all away. Suicide isn’t the easy way, but it’s certainly for the weak hearted.

  3. Denis [66] opinó:

    Depends, actually.
    If they do commit it because of broken hearts or broken lives, they ARE cowards.
    If they know they’re incurably ill and may become disabled (and by that disable the lives of people that love them in some way), they ARE braves being able to stop right there.

  4. hfgjh [1] opinó:

    People who commit suicide are cowards because they try to run away from their problems. Life isn’t worth it without facing problems that will define what you are in the future.

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People that commit suicide are braves

  1. Bella [1] opinó:

    It takes a lot of courage to end one’s own life

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    i know my time here is over and by staying im gonna destroy everyone i care for. i am doin this i have no doubts or conflict of thought. may i make way for one who has something to offer

  3. coward opinó:

    agreed, cowards don’t, it takes a freakin hell of a lot of guts to do it. everynight i hope to not wake up and then, here i am in the same nightmare every day. need a tickey off this planet it sucks

  4. Anonymous [2] opinó:

    The courage required of choosing to be accountable for somebody’s pain, specifically the grief and guilt likely to bequeath our friends and loved-ones post-suicide, deserves recognition.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    hhhhh , i agree i wish i had the guts to commit suicide

  6. Mach [1] opinó:

    I have been depressed for soo long,
    since I was 12 years years old and I wish I could have the courage to commit suicide,
    but I just don’t have the gut to do it. I’m too much of a coward

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    Because they have the guts to leave this world before life takes everything from them. Life basically has no purpose other than procreation. After that we become like aging, Lifeless vessels for the duration. I know when i get the guts i will do it . I am thirtyfive and i do not care what anybody says, I know the best years are gone.