Environmental protection vs. Private property rights

Suggested by Josh O’Conner: Which is more important, environmental protection or private property rights? A great debate with too many real examples.


Environmental protection is more important

Suggested by Josh O’Conner

  1. Enviar sms por internet [2] argued:
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    The earth will outlast property titles. Our children should not inherit our pollution.


Private property rights are more important

Suggested by Josh O’Conner

  1. Denis [67] argued:
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    If you don’t have property rights in your country, nobody cares about environment. I can guarantee it, I live in such a country.

  2. Ali A [22] argued:
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    There is less pollution in the air now compared to the industrial evolution era, so our pollution won’t be past on as a matter of fact we don’t even have that much pollution in the air anyways. Check your facts

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