Should Cigarettes Be Illegal?

A ban on cigarettes should consider these points:

1.- Cigarettes pose a wide range of health risks 2.- The individual right to privacy
3.- Tobacco is essential to the economy (taxes)
4.- The tobacco lobby is one of the most powerful political forces.

What do you think? Should Cigarettes Be Illegal?

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Yes, cigarettes should be illegal

  1. Faith [1] opinó:

    People say that they shouldn’t be because it takes away their rights, but what about my rights to breath fresh air outside. In my state you have to be 25 ft from a doorway before you can light up, but they didn’t take into account the wind factor. I’m sick of walking into or out of a store and having to smell that nasty smoke which gives me an instant migraine.
    I watched my Grandpa die from all of his smoking and I don’t want to see anymore of my loved ones die because of it. I’m not saying that quitting is easy, but anyone that wants to quit can. I know it’s mostly in a person’s head. I’ve seen my boyfriend go without a cigarette for 7 or 8 hours when we’re inside together, but when he’s outside working he’ll have 3 or 4 in a 2 hour period.
    So don’t give me that bull about rights and privacy and taxes, I just want to be able to breath fresh air whether I’m outside or inside and not have someone standing next to me that reeks of nicotine.

  2. Jesse opinó:

    Yes they should be.

    If nobody smoked cigarettes right now or even knew what they were and I came to you and said “hey would you like to pay half your paycheck to smoke something that your brain will become almost instantly dependent upon preventing you from quitting without feeling like shit, that will also probably give you cancer and destroy your lungs and will make you look ugly and has no positive side effects aside from relieving the stress you’ll eventually have from going to long without smoking it?”

    why the hell would you say yes?

    Cigarettes are around for one reason. Money.

    The industry played all you smokers like suckers. They are dealing a legal drug and you are their clients and they know you can’t just stop.

    I say ban smoking and let the existing smokers buy them illegally until they die at an early age. Then we can finally have a healthier america.

1 reason for

No, cigarettes should NOT be illegal

  1. Ronlaw [15] opinó:

    A man is free to choose how to rule his own body. Not everyone wants to last the longest on Earth but instead enjoy doing whatever he wants because this might just be the only chance to do so.