The United States diplomatic cables leak began on 28 November 2010 when the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks and five major newspapers published a cache of confidential documents that detail correspondence between the U.S. State Department and its embassies around the world. The publication of the U.S. embassy cables is the third in a series of U.S. classified document “megaleaks” distributed by WikiLeaks in 2010, following the Afghan War documents leak in July, and the Iraq War documents leak in October.

Some people think the leaks could be damaging to diplomatic relationships between various countries. Some others defends Wikileaks against criticism saying the documents exposed either improper behaviour or unnecessary secrecy.

Do you support the release of secret U.S. diplomatic correspondence? Do you support or oppose the e-revolution wikileaks has begun?

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I support WikiLeaks

  1. Jesse opinó:

    Someone needs to speak the truth.

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I oppose WikiLeaks