Human being vs. Machine

Will be the human being always superior to machines? Man vs. Machine

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3 reasons for

Human being will always be superior to machines

  1. Ronlaw [15] opinó:

    Most living beings in the planet have greater ability than humans when it comes to the extent of the basic five senses (some of them even have others than that) and other skills such as running, flying (please don’t try), swimming, screaming, whaterering. Who rules this shit, though? We do. The fact machines can be better at some of our skills such as processing data and taking damage isn’t enough to threaten the supremacy of humans.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    beacause human beings have natural intelligince i.e. power of thinking in a real time. but computer/,machines have artificial intelligence that shows that they are limited .therefor man is and always be superior to machines

  3. martinwaiss [2] opinó:

    Humans will be Humans and Machines will be Machines forever.

    The Question here is, how big the gap between them will be. Some day we might be able to teach machines kind of “Cognitive Thinking & Understanding”, but they’ll still stay machines, as long as there is a human needed, to set even the initial step before a machine can act on its own…

    A real problem it’s gonna get, as soon the machines we’ll be able to make even the initial setup-steps on their own, without needing a human for that in any way…

2 reasons for

Human being won´t always be superior to machines

  1. Rigo Vigil [7] opinó:

    We built machines to compensate for our shortcomings. As such they aren’t subject to our weaknesses, we designed them without them. The next step in our making of machines is adding that which was missing in them before. Our strengths, our humanity. As such machines will eventually have all our strengths and what defines our humanity without having our weaknesses. They will surpass us, there’s no question.

  2. Nugger opinó:

    We’re gonna die.