Déjà vu: Precognition or an anomaly of memory?

Déjà vu “already seen”, also called paramnesia is an act precognition, clairvoyance or extra-sensory perceptions, the memory of dreams or just an anomaly of memory?

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Déjà vu is an act of Precognition

  1. murat [1] opinó:

    well its an act

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Déjà vu is an anomaly of memory

  1. Leeroy [2] opinó:

    Anomaly of memory. Mainly because precognitive thought, in theory, happens before an ‘event’ begins. Deja vu generally, if not always, ‘happens’ as the ‘event’ is happening/already begun. This, in turn, creates a feeling of nostalgia that is either related to memory still being placed subconsciously (either due to being sidetracked or processing the memory from microseconds earlier) or from a similar memory being brought forward (typically brought forth from the senses. Smell, sight being a major player). In theory, precognition should happen beforehand, creating a vision long before ‘something’ actually happens. It would make a better argument if the question were ‘Deja vu: Proof of reincarnation or an anomaly of memory?’ If one were to theorize that reincarnation involved living our lives over and over.

  2. Denis [66] opinó: