Same-sex marriage | Allow or ban

Suggested by whataslacker: What do you think of Same-sex marriage? Just tell me why…

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Allow same-sex marriage

Suggested by whataslacker

  1. Anonymous opinó:

    i feel same sex marriage should be allowed as it about two people feeling & tat beyoud “SEX”…what i m sure lots peopel think it it – marriage is more of a union where it more bout feeling for each othr and we r no one to tel what to do & what not – i mean if we talk about the Regular weddings- where peope in marrige go out & have extramaritial relation we dont raise eyebrow coz he or she is marride ina proper way – where in same sex marrige is odd??? i dont buy tat a very personal decision & we should accept it – i can go on and on but if some one get the point he will get it in these lines only. if they r not getting it tehn no one can make them understand

  2. Jesse opinó:

    Anyone who thinks allowing same-sex marriage will piss off god is a dumbass.

  3. Kagura-Roseh opinó:

    Of course. There are people out there whose one and onlies are of their sex. I think it’s their business who they choose to marry.

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    They want equality? Then let them be miserable like the rest of us!

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    Allow. I don’t mind about what other people do in their bedrooms.

  6. ILOVEZ [2] opinó:

    Because everyone should have the same rights and noboies business but gays.

  7. Sandy M [9] opinó:

    I have a few gay friends and I understand the reasons. If one dies, the other cannot even claim the body. Who cares if they are gay? They are awesome people. So yeah, why not gay marriage!

  8. adamwhiles opinó:

    I think it’s your business what you do in your bedroom and home. I think if you want to have a same sex marriage then that is your business and the government should not be able to tell you that you can’t.

  9. BlogBread [1] opinó:

    Aside from the fact that it is insane to suggest we ban it because of antiquated, self-serving notions of religion and propriety it is anti-American to forbid gay rights. The basic traditions of American culture and freedom were founded on the princples of giving rights to those who were denied them under governments deemed to be totalitarian and unjust. Furthermore, this is really a non-issue that takes away time, energy, and resources from problems that affect all citizens like healthcare, education, and unemployment.

  10. rx7ward [2] opinó:

    Because all tax payers should be allowed to enjoy the exact same rights and responsibilities re: taxes, benefits, death, inheritance, etc, etc.

  11. digitalbrian [11] opinó:

    Because it is none of our business what people do in their bedrooms, we can not force a world to follow the bible, and this is all about the bible, let people live the lifestyle they want, nobody has the right to prevent them from it.

9 reasons for

Ban same-sex marriage

Suggested by whataslacker

  1. Troy Rockwood opinó:

    Digital Brian: In regards to allowing people to do what they want in their bedrooms, they already have that and can already live the lifestyle that they wish without a government issued marriage certificate.
    Rx7Ward: All taxpayers do enjoy the exact same rights and responsibilities already. All taxpayers have the right to marry someone of the opposite sex as long as they are not married already and are not a close relative. To propose same-sex couples receive government issued marriage certificates is a significant change from the stated purpose of marriage which is to promote the well being of the next generation of children.

    BlogBread: Whether an idea is old or new does not have a bearing on it’s value. Marriage is an institution designed to promote and support families because society believes it is the best way to raise the young. In order to determine if same sex couples should be extended those benefits, we should examine if it will result in children being put at a disadvantage. Research is very clear that the best environment in which to raise a child (i.e. the environment that results in higher grades, lower suicide rates, lower depression rates and pretty much any other measure of success that you can think of) is one with the biological mother and father married as parents to that child.

    Adamwhiles: People already have this right. Whether you have a government issued marriage certificate or not, the government does not concern itself with your bedroom activities.

    SandyM: All of the rights extended to marriage couples are also extended to registered same sex partners in California where Proposition 8 was passed. Is there a reason NOT to call it something else?

    It is the couple who invites society into their union when they seek a government-issued marriage license. In other words, when a couple requests a license that entitles them to subsidies created by society to promote family life, that society has a say in whether that subsidy should be extended to a new kind of relationship. In this case, research shows that the relationship is detrimental to children and society is correct to not subsidize it (why would you encourage something that was less than the best?)

  2. Trexy opinó:

    the cell of society is family, and family is woman + man, period

  3. kido [1] opinó:

    hell yah 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. God opinó:

    They should be happy that they are already (supposedly) accepted members of society. Now they want the same rights as heterosexuals. Prop 8 should ban gay marriage AND have a clause in there saying “if you homos don’t like it, we will round you all up and drop you in some deserted island where you can marry whoever you want.” In fact, that should be the law. Homos, you have three options: be dropped off on an island, maintain citizenship but be inferior to heteros, or never be able to get married. The choice is yours.

  5. J opinó:

    The whole scandal is a non issue. They went without marriage with no rage and sense of denial unitl they started being accepted.

    Now the ENTIRE issue of gay marriage is about financial benefits. They want to be able to have insurance and benefits like straights.

    Ultimately, it is a life they choose to live. Pretty soon, people who “love” their pets will be clamoring for the same rights.

  6. Jess [2] opinó:

    Marriage in its social context is not merely a form of union just to obtain pleasure and satisfaction of our sexual urges and desire. The very essence of marriage is does not end in sexual satisfaction it is only the part of the entire context of marriage. The very purpose of marriage is to participate in the conception of life. Same sex marriage does not conform with this objective it ends in sexual pleasure only the other element is missing. We can deduce it from nature in general although their are exceptions but generally animals mate in order to produce life, plants pollinate in order to produce fruit and humans mate in order to produce other humans. So we must consider this things in making decisions for it is not reasonable enough that even though we have the freedom to do things it’s a free pass for anyone to do what they want it is called individualism and too much individualism destroys society and culture which is created not by an individual but by the participation of everyone.

  7. Chester Mansfield [1] opinó:

    Because it’s stinky! (There’s poop in there!)

  8. rx7ward [2] opinó:

    Because it’s yucky!

  9. digitalbrian [11] opinó:

    Because God tells us to?