Web applications vs. Desktop applications

I know you can use both but you may be more interested in web apps or maybe you prefer to work faster with your own desktop apps? What your choice?

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3 reasons for

Web applications

  1. Ronlaw [15] opinó:

    I don’t like installing anything that I don’t have to. Basic softwares such as Office, PDF reader, Winrar and Games are OK but anything else I’d rather have running online. Why?

    1. No stupid update warnings.
    2. It doesn’t clutter my Hard Drive.
    3. Can be used in several platforms. PCs, Macs, Notebooks, Mobiles, Tablets, etc.
    4. Can be used in someone else’s platforms.
    5. It doesn’t ‘secretly’ run in the background consuming my limited RAM Memory.
    6. It won’t slow down my startup.

  2. ed [1] opinó:

    always available anytime and anywhere

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    reachable anywhere on the planet

2 reasons for

Desktop applications

  1. Joe Clark opinó:

    I only ever work from one or two places, and prefer the speed and robustness of working on a desktop. Browsers are fine for reading text or light work, but are poor for heavy development/design/authoring

  2. Mo Money [2] opinó:

    If your internet connection is down, you can’t do anything!