Will Obama change the world?

Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, the first African American. What expectations do you have for Barack Obama? Will he change the world?


Yes, Obama will change the world


  1. Anonymous [1696] argued:
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    how will change the world

  2. Ali A [22] argued:
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    Yes because he is the first black president and he already changed to world. Will he change the world for the better would be a better question.

  3. Anonymous [1696] argued:
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    he will free us from the cloud of deceit and lies, bringing honesty and pure courage to inspire us all.


No, Obama will not change the world


  1. Denis [67] argued:
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    Who is he to do such a thing. A politician. A face on the screen. Scientists (or I’d better say, CREATIVE PEOPLE) can change world, not politicians.

  2. Norwegian [1] argued:
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    Maybe he’ll do something to change America, but he won’t do anything, that no others could have done, to change the world.

  3. Z [1] argued:
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    Same neo-con advisors, same neo-liberal voodoo economic policies, still obsessed with projecting power around the world and killing brown people.

  4. Jonathan Meager [30] argued:
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    He is still operating within a framework of expoitational and ignorance

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