Relationships: Sex without love vs. Love without sex

Suggested by Jairo: Two opposites kind of possible relationships. Sex without love vs. Love without sex. Which one would you prefer?


Sex without Love

Suggested by Jairo

  1. Jesse [46] argued:

    Sex is a fun and enjoyable way of connecting with another person on a physical level. Love doesn’t need to be involved for you to enjoy it. It’s just ideal if it is involved.

  2. web designer tom [3] argued:

    Sounds good to me! Why not.

  3. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    Sex is one of the languages of love for a man. It wouldn’t be worth loveing for a man if they can’t show it.


Love without Sex

Suggested by Jairo

  1. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    sex is not the only way to express ur love…!!!

  2. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    love without sex is just like a earth without sex plays main role in helps to make relationship more close indeeds.

  3. Denis [67] argued:

    Don’t know… Can’t love, can’t have sex.

  4. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    I Am impotent

  5. Anonymous [1713] argued:


  6. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    Do not prey to the lust of the flesh…. LOL…. i donno…?

  7. Ali A [22] argued:

    This is up to the two people having the sex

  8. Anonymous [1713] argued:

    The partner may have HIV

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