Linux: Gnome vs. KDE

Which one of these two desktop environment for your GNU/Linux or UNIX computer do you prefer?


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  1. Anonymous opinó:

    Simple, easy to customize and straightforward. KDE is too complicated.

  2. Anonymous opinó:


  3. Anonymous opinó:

    Clean, easy, fast enough, doesn’t get in the way. Installed by default on many distro’s. I hate the gazillion options KDE has. I don’t use that many apps and hate widgets. So, I don’t want that stuff installed by default. Gnome isn’t trying to be a copy of Windows. If you just want to get your job done, use Gnome.

  4. Wim Van Leuven [1] opinó:

    Mimics less of M$ Windoze; looks nices; nice addons WMs; simplicity; cleaner (less is more)

  5. Ramón Suárez [16] opinó:

    Gnome has been giving me better service. When I’ve tried KDE I only got more problems. I do run KDE apps on Gnome.

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