Is the Army necessary?

Do you think countries need an army nowadays? Why?


The Army is necessary

  1. raja [1] argued:
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    any problems are affect the country the army is protect the country.

  2. Anonymous [1698] argued:
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    why is an army necessary

  3. rondon r. [1] argued:
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    it is necessary for the world as it help with natural disasters and it also deal with international affairs to balance the violence in the world. life without an army would be very hard has so many nation having uprising and these uprising caused innocent lives.
    any body who see think the army need to do some research like i did because i use to agree with you.
    one day peace will be at at hand but until then we will have to fight for it.

  4. Nitawatson44 [1] argued:
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    Do you remember 911, then how can you say America, does not need an army? Land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE, didn’t get that way, by letting people run over us. America, needs to protect itself for these stupid people, who are jealous of our country……..Yes, we need an army!

  5. Santa [3] argued:
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    The question shoulb be, is WAR necessary? It seems thata the answer is yes, therefore must be army.

  6. MadMcAl [1] argued:
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    Reasonable humans are unquestionably able to solve problems without violence. But sadly power tends to fall into the hands of unreasonable humans. So an Army is vital to the survival of the nation.

  7. Nicole F. [1] argued:
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    We must support our troops, they make a great job. Who will you call in a disaster?


The Army is not necessary

  1. Anonymous [1698] argued:
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    cause yolo

  2. th3presscorpse [1] argued:
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    Violence does not bring about peace; ergo it follows that war will not bring peace.
    An army does not exist to benefit the people. An army benefits only the rich (i.e. defense companies and those with vested interests in said companies) by death and destruction. An army exists to maintain the status quo and preserve the undeserved privilege and wealth of the elite.

  3. me [11] argued:
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    if they were to keep peace, y would we need an army

  4. Anonymous [1698] argued:
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    The army didn’t prevent

  5. I love electric guitar [19] argued:
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    The only reason an army exists is to declare war on other nations. It is simply not necessary. In the last instance it is used to keep down the masses

  6. Decider [1] argued:
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    Army is related only to war and war is not a natural condition. An ideal world (probably utopia, though) lives without war and therefore needs no army.

    Apparently we haven’t learned to settle matters in a civilized way without conflicts and bloodshed.

  7. phillzz [1] argued:
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    this no truth in violance

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