Corel vs. Adobe

These two companies offer solutions for designers, choose your suite, your company and tell us your reasons. Adobe or Corel?

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  1. palvi verma [1] opinó:

    b7722 samsung mobile is best or not

  2. Jesse opinó:

    I use paint shop pro photo XII and I love it far more than photoshop.

    It’s better for actual photography and it’s more efficient whereas photoshop is better for photo manipulation.

  3. Freddie opinó:

    why waste hours learning and watching tutorials? … just get Corel and start actually making art … CorelDRAW blends both AI and PS functions.

    Plus its cheaper CASE CLOSED

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Reasonable Price, can do most of the same stuff about as well… don’t want to pirate software like most adobe users…

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    Vector and Raster layer integration. This makes for a quick and easy job – one that requires use of both photoshop and illustrator simultaneously if your using adobe, making it a much more gruelling and frustrating task.

  6. Sylvia Mills [1] opinó:

    I find Corel much user-friendlier than Adobe, as one person said here, you can use it intuitively. I spend more time enjoying myself and thinking about the result, and not HOW TO GET to the result. The Corel surface is easy, logic, you don’t need an expensive course to use it.

    I was about to buy an Apple MAC, but not to be able to use my Corel has actually made me refrain from such a purchase.

    My theory is that Adobe is always advertised as THE DESIGNERS’ TOOL because of a better marketing, and vice versa, that Corel made some marketing faux pas, but that in reality it all comes down to publicity rightly or wrongly used, and does not reflect the real value of both tools.

    When Corel announced that it was EASY TO USE for normal people and professional designers alike, personally I think that a lot of professionals in the design industry saw themselves threatened in their activity, by Tom, Dick & Harry using Corel. So they had to invent a “superior” tool, only good for “real professionals”.

    In Marketing, Corel should have put more emphasis on the use by professionals also, instead of only underlining how easy it is to use by normal people…

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    Corel all the way! Whenever I use Adobe I cannot believe that professionals would use such crap and, worse yet, make it industry standard. If you were a sprinter would you wear gum boots? Well that is what adobe feels like when it comes to intuitive and ergonomic use. adobe may achive the same results but at what price – in dollars AND discomfort.
    I think there is a simple reason for the “professional” predominance of adobe. The unergonomic handling kept away the amateur competition – it created a reason to use adobe. It is just a habit and an attitude of staying on trodden paths.
    Corel is very intuitive and fast and like a sprinter you want to use the lightest and firmest shoes…

  8. Anonymous opinó:

    Ease of use, One program does it all –ie – edit bitmaps interactively and EASILY in Draw
    without switching programs constantly — flattening images is easy and reliable –interactive fills and effects far better than Illustrator ! –PRICE — Corel doesn’t “upgrade” needlessly every year costing you bundles of cash for minimal “upgrade” — superior drawing tools ie: curves etc… FAST FAST FAST – doesn’t take up all of your system resources. You can do ANYTHING in Corel that Adobe promises…. faster, cheaper and more efficiently…

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    I have both, and I tend to prefer Corel because it’s faster, and gets the same result. Just because Adobe is “the standard” doesn’t make it better. Windows is the standard, and we know how THAT argument goes.

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    meri marzi

  11. Zach opinó:

    In my honest opinion, they are both even. I own both but generally use Corel because, like the above poster, it doesn’t crash my machine when I try to save. (And because it’s what i learned on :D)

  12. Leaf [1] opinó:

    I used Corel since Windows 3.11 and I´m more than happy with the facilities offered. I use it for vectors, for photos, for fonts.
    The reason is: it works. It don´t slows down my PC, and I will never go into Apple, cause I like to pimp my machine myself =)

  13. Junevene [1] opinó:

    Corel is easier, a lot easier, to use; good for both pros. and amateurs like me. Corel is more simple yet it matches and is as powerful as Adobe.
    The good thing is that: I have both, hehe.

  14. TeapotJedi [5] opinó:

    I can use it without taking a $4000 class, and still come out with about the same result. Also, I can save my files without crashing. And as the person above pointed out, I can create vectors without a plugin. Also, I can create font sets natively and export them to multiple formats without buying any extra software. I will admit that it isn’t as good with creating PDF forms though. I have to give that one to Adobe – although the newer versions keep strangling that ability….

  15. catur pw [1] opinó:

    because it is light! and can create vector

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  1. facebookhater [1] opinó:

    I noticed that all you people who HATE Facebook are FB users. what’s up with that? If I don’t like something, I sure as hell don’t up for it!

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    facilities provided are easy to understand….so i”ll go wiyh ADOBE

  3. Rueben opinó:

    more seeders to pirate from

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Well I don’t use these types of programs too often but when I do my choice would have to be Adobe just because it makes sense when you look at the entire suite. I do alot more video editing but Adobe has the full spectrum so it makes it easier if you have to ‘customize’ images. As far as learning curve I think its relative. I use Corel as well and like it but just because of the full gambit in one suite is what tips the scale in Adobes favor.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    User interface is many times easier then Corel and definitely when it comes colors. Able to view only the art board and use of shortcut keys is very handy not to forget about the Action panel.
    I use both, but if for a selection, then its adobe.
    Corel is inconsistent. Have tendency to crash very often

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    User interface is many times easier then Corel and definitely when it comes colors. Able to view only the art board and use of shortcut keys is very handy not to forget about the Action panel.
    I use both, but if for a selection, then its adobe.

  7. Ifigeño [1] opinó:

    Adobe is the standard in professional design, integrated with every program in its suite, now CS4. And you can create everything from 2D to 3D composition. It also has greate compatibility with other 3D rendering software. There are lots of FREE tutorial to avoid $4000 clases. Far more features may increase system resources dependency but it is far worth it.

  8. The House of Husar [1] opinó:

    Adobe all the way. Corel is the red headed stepchild when it comes to Adobe. No offense to red headed step children of course. It is too much of THE standard and feature you can’t beat Adobe. And now with Macromedia as part of the team, well, forget about it!

  9. whataslacker opinó:

    It is the graphics industry standard. Easy to use (no classes needed…I am completely self taught). Most excellent online community to help with anything from tips to actual design.

  10. compassreview [1] opinó:

    nice for explore everything about graphic design and allow us to create something that we can’t imagine before