JRR Tolkien vs. JK Rowling

Suggested by Nenya: JK Rowling (Harry potter) or JRR Tolkien (Lord Of the Rings). These 2 authors and their books somehow seem to be in an unoffical rivalry.

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JRR Tolkien | Lord Of the Rings

Suggested by Nenya

  1. Liam [1] opinó:

    Tolkien is the Father of High Fantasy, and that title is well deserved. His legendarium is amazing, he truly created a great mythology.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    because JK Rowling has has copyed all og Tolkiens ideas .. And lotr is just alot more awesome !
    but i like harry potter alot to 🙂

  3. scogti [1] opinó:

    Harry is the choseein in the lord of therings….and frodo is chosen at thhme end of tgat quests…what is next

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Comparison of the lord if the rings to events in the harry potter books

  5. Ancient Ages! opinó:

    LotR is thr best because ther’s a World “Created in Mind of Author” in Hp ther’s a world created by God. LotR’s world is historic. LotR got it’s own language. JRR Tolkien invented the Elfs and Orcs. He’s the father of the fantastic books i think. Sorry but JK Rownling and her Harry Potter is naff.
    JRR Tolkien and LotR Rocks!
    Sorry about my terible english 🙂

  6. frosammerin764 [1] opinó:

    nytime lotr n tolkien cus there is a lot of detail in lotr…the discriptions awesome n the characters nn concept…..r d BEST….wer as hp’s story is gud but its no wer near lotr

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    Tolkien has wrote books for a more mature audience YES. His works are allegory and look what he has created. OVER 150 Million Lord of the Rings books have been sold. He has created his own language, and hundreds of Lord of the Rings geeks (like me.)have just wanted more. I can admit that J.K Rowling did copy a few things from Lord of the Rings. He had deeper descriptions and the characters were so genious. He created a whole language of elven letter by letter, he created a variety of races, since the First World War he has wrote about Lord of the Rings. He basically dedicated his life to this legendary piece of art. He wrote every last detail of the Geography, history and the items of Middle-Earth

    J.K Rowling really is no match for J.R.R Tolkien most civilized people can tell.

  8. Anonymous opinó:

    1. tolkien practically created the fantasy genre
    2. Tolkien has built a deeper world with a background and a much larger history
    3. tolkien is the daddy
    4. tolkien was the one who designed the plot and drama for j k rowling

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    tolkien rules
    he created a whole mythology frm the start of the world till the end which is somewhat connected to the present (most magical creatures leave middle earth and or become extinct). he has done many stories related to middle eartth having reason but most of them r not published and right now harry potter is the craze becos its still going on i dont think ppl liked fiction much in the 19th centure as they do today tolkien ftw!

  10. theo opinó:

    1) LOTR is intellectual HP is just plain stupid.
    2) within the series tolkien uses theological and philosophical references to illustrate the dynamics of the story; this in itself is just plain fucking awesome.
    3) tolkien studied languages for fun and used his knowledge of global tounges to create a language for each race of creature..with grammar,syntax etc.
    4) tolkien is a all around literary badass.

  11. Valentin [1] opinó:

    Why!Why! I will tell you why, because Tolkien is said to be “the father of the modern fantasy”! He created a world much larger and deeper than the one in “Harry Poter”. The “Silmarillion”, “Unfinished tales”, “The Hobbit” and of course “The Lord of the rings”
    Elves,dwarves,man,orcs and trolls all live in that world of pure fantasy.

  12. Anonymous opinó:

    I personally prefer Tolkien. Much more mature writing style and much richer fantasy world. Created a whole freaking LANGUAGE. More than one. Some people say his works are boring, but ‘boring’ is just an opinion, not a fact. The professor’s themes are far more complicated and thought provoking.
    Harry Potter is ok, but Tolkien runs the show.

  13. Anonymous opinó:

    jrr tolkien is the daddy of all fantasy movies. jk rowling just copied his works because she did not have one of her own.

  14. Denis [66] opinó:

    LOTR is more a fairy tale and creative art while HP is pure commerce.

  15. Anonymous opinó:

    Mr. Tolkien has many ideas from himself. I am very Surprised Christopher Tolkien doesn’t sue Rowling. Here is why:
    Similarity Lord of the Rings Harry Potter
    Villian Sauron is the head of evil. He lost his power, and needs the ring to gain it all back Voldemort is also a vanquished evil wizard. He needs the Sorcerer’s Stone in order to gain his strength back
    Unlikely Hero Frodo Baggins is a Hobbit, a peaceful — almost childish — and weak race. He is entrusted with the task of saving the world from great evil Harry is an 11 year orphan who does much the same
    Special Object The One Ring is the object that the hero must prevent the villian from getting, so as to regain his full powers The Sorcerer’s Stone is the same
    Mentor/Protector Gandalf is a guiding, helping, mentoring, teaching figure for Frodo Professor Dumbledore is the same in the Harry Potter series
    Troll In the Fellowship of the Ring, the Orcs have a Cave Troll with them, and in The Two Towers, the Cave Trolls open the gates of Mordor In Harry Potter II, there is a Mountain Troll, whom Harry and his friends have to overpower
    Giant Spider Shelob is a giant spider that almost kills and eats Frodo, in The Return of the King In the forest, there is a talking spider. It is a friend of Hagred, but chases Harry wanting to eat him
    Giant raptor bird A giant eagle saves Gandalf from Isengard In the Prisoner of Azkaban, Buckbeak is a giant raptor helping Harry and friends
    Dragon In the Hobbit, the prelude to The Lord of the Rings, the dragon Smaug is Bilbo Baggins adversary In Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, there is a dragon like reptilian monster, the Basilisk, whom Harry has to slay
    Goblins The goblins are one of the races of evil allying with Sauron and Saruman There are goblins who run the bank. They are physically similar to the other ones, although mostly benign
    Sidekick “Creature” In Lord of the Ring, Gollum is a creature with both dual good and evil personalities. He helps Frodo in his quest Dobby is a house elf who is both a hinderance and helpful at different times

  16. Anonymous opinó:

    MUCH better story!

  17. James Wilson opinó:

    Wow this is not even worth a debate it’s so obvious.
    LotR will live on forever whereas the Harry Potter craze will be over soon.

  18. Anonymous opinó:

    Tolkien invented a massive world, with many generations, races, stories on a massive scale. Not only that, he even still had more, but was unable to reveal them due to his death. He showed a darker side to magic and what it can do to people. His characters seem incredibly lifelike as well and he pretty much revolutionized the Fantasy world.

    Rowling, while being quite a good author, didn’t do NEARLY as much as Tolkien did. She’s very good for an author, but she’s not on Tolkien’s level.

  19. liam [1] opinó:

    lotr rock on

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JK Rowling | Harry potter

Suggested by Nenya

  1. LOL, Hai. I'm Nissa. opinó:

    LOL @ Anon that copied all of that from another website.
    Tolkien’s stories are much harder to read, because they are much slower paced that Harry Potter is.
    Harry Potter is an easy read because it is entertaining even from the beginning.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    Because. I enjoy them better. They’re more human. The world she created seems better developed and more fully-fledged. ‘Potter’ is capitalized, by the way.

  3. Tataie [1] opinó:

    Harry potter is the best.