Destiny is already written vs. I write my own destiny

Do you believe that there is a fixed natural order to the universe, that your destiny is prefixed? or do you think we all have free will to determine our fate? Your destiny is already written or You write your own destiny Just tell me why…

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Destiny is already written

  1. Denu [1] opinó:

    I move to Vietnam 2 year ago .so i take a decision .

    In one evening when i take dinner ( chicken on menu) i think sudently : i already write 2 year ago the destiny from this chicken?

    Or ?

    Destiny is writen already in future .

    Your decision are not the only one that influence your Destiny.

  2. Justin Pickering [1] opinó:

    Because to think you matter in the grand scheme of an ever unfolding, ever more complex universe is the worst sort of ego trip. We’re nothing. We’re an accident. Neing special and unique is a sad marketing campaign put on by parents of below average achieving teenagers to make everyone feel better about their pwn mediocrity. Whether you’re a millionaire or a janitor is irrelevant. You are a pinpoint of an atom of a speck of a dot of a nothing. Deal with it and stop being such a loudmouth a$$hole.

  3. mayank goyel [1] opinó:

    our destiny is not what we want to become ,it is (present life) goal,what we define destiny as .destiny of our soul is not defined (1/0) because it is never ending process , we will come again and again untill we are wholly purified , our next birth depends on previous karma , therefore our goal is in the hands of previous karma + karma in present life and integration of all these goals is a part this endless journey which will never end .

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    You were killed in a car crash. Did you plan that?

  5. Abhijit guin [1] opinó:

    I strongly believe that our future is already written by some superpower whom we can’t see.because everything that happened in my life has a cause.

  6. Mos [1] opinó:

    I believe that every person’s destiny is pre-written. Just like a good teachers (simple human being) knows how his students are going to perform in the tests, Allah exactly knows how each human being is going to perform in this world. We can choose whatever we want to. We struggle, do all sorts of efforts with free-will, but Allah already knows that before we are going to do that. This is how the destiny of each person is written. Just imagine, if a simple human being can easily predict the performance of his students in the class, Why can’t Allah (the creator of this universe) can predict the timeline of activities of his creation.
    I experienced similar problems as people, who are writing comments on this page. But, I never give up and never should you! Whatever breaks you is what makes you. Hope is always a good thing! If you don’t get a thing, what you long for, it never means that you should stop struggling. You will probably get something better, while you are struggling.

  7. kamal [1] opinó:

    I worked hardest in my life from my childhood in study so that i can get a good job but even after my hardest work i could not reach anywhere today i dont have any job all my friends and classmates are happy and succesful they are in better position most of them are setteld and living very good life while i am nowhere in my life still struggling for job, even my parents now ignore me my mother talk with me arrogantly and my father is hopeless for me. when i see people around me. I have always been polite to everyone but people dont like me they just talk always rudely. I dont get it what is the point of life when you can not succeed ever after you utter dedication and commitment.

  8. Garvit Kabra [1] opinó:

    It is all so written that whatever you do, will eventually lead for what is meant to happen. Ofcourse, there is ‘free-will’, but that includes only the soul. The name on which you are here, the body, for that entity, for your entity, it is all written. The ppl you meet, the places you go, the atomic interaction with everything is predestined..

    I think so..

  9. 安安 [1] opinó:

    I used to believe that I write my own destiny until one day when i met a person who predicted my future and everything was true.Since that day i believe that only for big decisions in our life our destiny is already written,not the small ones like will i see my friend today or not.

  10. satish [1] opinó:

    why my luck so bad

  11. Sabrina [1] opinó:

    I think free will is only going to get you at a certain point, for example, you can choose the hard working path or the easy path, but you can’t choose what obstacle you are going to encounter either way. You can’t choose what people will walk out of your life anymore that you can’t control the water, however you can choose how to overcome those obstacles. Basically the free will regards only your choices and destiny is everything else that we have no hope to control.

  12. Eleanor Janine opinó:

    “Well, not quite. The possibilities are indeed great but not unlimited; no magic can change one’s destiny beyond a certain extent. A warrior who is to be killed in battle will not escape his fate by changing into an animal; he will still be killed by an arrow, and the hunter might even turn out to be the same man who was supposed to kill him in battle.” – The Cat

  13. vijay [1] opinó:

    No matter what I try to do, things don’t work that way. It means that god has different plans for me.

  14. mapal [1] opinó:

    Without doubt God writes my destiny.. I can choose which way I want to go but at the end its God who will lead us on a path. I’ve experienced this several times in life. If I have to choose between 2 things and I pick one way to go then something unexpected happens out of the blue(unexplained) and I have no other choice but to pick then one that I decided not to choose.. And when you look back from the point you are today and try to connect the dots you know and can see that you were meant to be in a particular situation and in certain relationships and it wouldn’t have happened if I had to write my destiny.. It was God’s plan for me to be where I am today.. All that has happened in the past is only for our good though it may have seemed otherwise at that point and it couldn’t have been any better because God loves and cares for us and will only do the best things for us in our lives.

  15. trishtee seburuth opinó:


  16. kiran [1] opinó:

    destiny isalready written because in my life i know what i have done sin what i have done good and in my case i know i am a good girl but every time my love leave my hand whan i start believing he cheat with me why in this worldthe most beautiful thing is love and i , i am alone no one is like me who can love me truely so i believe its true destiny is already written i do every good things helping poor people keeping fast mostly i speak truth but always sad… only name of happiness.. i hate my life, i wish too be bad girl so that i will have no regrate of any thing only bad people are happy so i want be bad….

  17. Anonymous opinó:

    I am traveling on a path in life but its not the path of my choice, its the path i am trapped on due to circumstance that prevent me from changing course.

  18. Anonymous opinó:

    i am going plodding along in life but not the one i chose.

  19. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s written because events in life are petty unexplicable most of the times.No deep contemplation, reasoning tends to remotely answer the sufferings endured & the happiness celebrated.

  20. Anonymous opinó:

    Have experienced it, what ever you plan wt ever u do it end up in its own way. Have tried my best to make my life look as wt, i wanted it to be but don’t know why nothing comes up like that………..then i realized that there is some thing called destiny which i really can’t change. like others even i felt that those are losers who blames destiny, but there is some power which has defined your ways and you can just try, but at the end can’t defeat that power.

  21. Anonymous opinó:

    Why?destiny is just like a project may be one to build a house.the project in this is the plan(destiny) GOD has for us as an architect.the plan that is set is what GOD has destined for us.most of us are unfinished project of GOD.In the process of fulfilling our destiny,that is when writing of our own destiny comes into the picture comes into the picture.

  22. Anonymous opinó:

    yes we all have free will to determine our fate but our is already written by god or someone you love cab change our destiny

  23. Aj [1] opinó:

    MY destiny is written because i have no control over what is to or has happened in my life my choices are ones that were given to me at birth and i have no control over them 🙂

  24. Anonymous opinó:

    Because I have had numerous amount of dreams that have come true from 2 months to a year later. I do not remember the dreams until about 5 seconds before what it happens. I don’t record my dreams of anything but it is just clear when it happens and I recall dreaming it. They are not bad dreams, just bits of stuff of something that I am doing. For instance, I was working on a research paper, and I was drawn to the television and I recalled the dream I had a while back. It was exacting what I had dreamed. There is other weird ones that are outside from my house where it usually happens, but they always happen as I see them in my dream. I really don’t want destiny to be written, but I have tried a few times to use my free will. However, I am disappointed and the dreams I had, come true in the soon future. I believe people just believe that each person write their own destiny because they don’t want to believe that there life is suppose to be like that. People should know that life is unfair and you just have to be strong.

  25. Anonymous opinó:

    Some moment in your life are written , you have no choice to live them , but for the major part you have free will for your actions. As human we have to find a way to be more than human to go back where we really belong.

  26. John The Fortune Teller [1] opinó:

    Our destiny must be already written becasue the alternative is that we write our own destiny and surely that cannot be true otherwise we would all have wonderful lives free of pain and misery

  27. Anonymous opinó:

    cause of a numbef of coincidences in everyones life

  28. Anonymous [1] opinó:

    we are always wishing to be somewhere but we finished up somewhere else. This means our destiny is already written. Whatever we try there are things we can’t change. So, no one could write his own destiny. Sometimes what we wish much our destiny. Which is perfect.

  29. Anonymous opinó:

    Because we follow a path that is set out before us. Even though we are on a path we can turn off onto new roads. I think we have one main destiny and each path no matter how winding will lead us to our final resting place.

  30. Temlakos [3] opinó:

    The destiny of every person and every thing is already written, and was already written before the foundation of the world. No one who observes the clockwork motions of the planets and their satellites in the solar system can doubt that. And furthermore, you can be sure that there *is* Somebody Upstairs who not only cares, but has it all worked out, right down to the last detail.

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I write my own destiny

  1. Riddhi [1] opinó:

    Take life as it comes! I think every single day is new and full of challenges. Some people consider it a game and accept the challenge but some refuse to play thinking that the winner has already being decided by god. The problem is not whether destiny or god, exist or not, The problem is the latter people never get to taste the joy of game called life.

  2. Richard Gross [1] opinó:

    You have the choice to rewrite your destiny.
    All you need is faith. To change the future.

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    We say destiny is written because we are weak creatures that need to blame whatever happens to us to a bigger force ( universe, god, etc) and we can’t handle it ourselves. Therefore, i write my own destiny

  4. mallige [1] opinó:

    I am the creater of my destiny

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    Destiny,,,,,,,,,,,word is hard core but still wt we r n wt we will be depends on us,,,,,,why some1 else decide wt we want n where we want 2 be,,,,,,,,,,,i m maker of my own DESTINY,,,,,REST GO 2 HELL

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    my name is shahin

  7. Anonymous opinó:

    we all make our own destiny through our own deeds god give us life and freedom of choice there is no other inch to infulence our lifes without our agreement or disagreement and we make a big mistake we want success in the manner in other or compare illogically ultimatley progress is the sign of life its depends person to person how he is capable to make choices and do what he determine .so thanks very much to god to give us a chance to make our own destiny if destiny already written then there is no diversity and why god make injustice with his sons and daughter everyperson make his destiny some awarely and some be aware and make good choices through the freedom which god gives us .finally i want to say that god dont make destiny but distribute the power of choice everybody…..

  8. arpit sharma [1] opinó:

    i can change my future with my hardwork
    plz… tell me briefly my presentaton at day after tomorrow

  9. arpit sharma opinó:

    i can change my future with my hard-work

  10. Anonymous opinó:

    What’s the meaning of life if you know that you can’t change anything because your destiny has already been written? We should believe that we were those who wrote history.We wrote our own destiny.

  11. Anonymous opinó:

    For the people who believe that God has already written our destiny for us:

    Why would there be an afterlife of heaven and hell?
    Because we choose our paths. We always have options, and it is up to each individual to choose which path they will take. This life is a test. It is completely up to us how we choose to live it.And on Judgment Day, we’ll get back our results and see whether we pass or fail. Certain things are written, like where and in which family you are born, but those are the basics. Everything needs a foundation, and those were laid out and are already a part of you, what follows is all up to you.
    Life is what we make of it. The future is what we subconsciously believe it will be. We bring into our lives that which we attract into it. You always have options.

    Furthermore, why is it that the future cannot be predicted?
    Because you can’t be sure. Not until you act, not until YOU decide what to make of it.

  12. Anonymous opinó:

    I Believe i write my own destiny because I have free choice however do not know what will happen but God does.God knows what choice i will make at 5pm while i do not know because God is All-knowing but we dont know whats going to happen so we make choices according to that time or place. God is out of time so he knows because he created time and eveything else obviously.

    The choices we make leads us to our destiny wich is unknown to us but known to God.
    Allah knows our ultimate destiny.

  13. Anonymous opinó:

    i fell like im son of the sea god and i fell like a chosen one…is this true?

  14. Anonymous opinó:

    Life is like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, it’s not a script that is all laid out for you.

  15. Anonymous opinó:

    it depends on the individual

  16. Patrice "Bliss" Turlet [1] opinó:

    I put this message on this section but really it should be placed in the “destiny is already writen” section….keep reading and hopefuly you’ll get my point.
    As I believe in reincarnation and karma, I somehow believe that destiny is not all writen.
    I believe that anyone of us has a “perfect path” writen, a destiny that would lead to bliss and enlightment if we decide to go in that direction. If we live our life knowing that we are spirits, that we are in connection with a universal spirit some call God/Universe, that we have to follow are instinct, that we have faith that everything is going to work out fine and that we keep our mind as pure as possible…then we can fulfill our own destiny. Please note that I didn’t say that all this will necessarily be done in one life, this is our ultimate destiny.
    We can now, decide whether we want to take this road, but most of us don’t, most of us take the road of material and then think with thier brain instead of their mind…they are not connected with God/Universe, they can’t read their instinct….they’re lost!
    Some of this people are more lost than others, some will complete a part of their destiny some will go to the opposite direction. Now I believe that throughout our life we accumulate an amount of karmic energy, this energy is lower or higher depending on how good and how positive we’ve been during our time on earth.
    For exemple, if you’ve been a “good” person, then you’ll reincarne yourself in a good person, hence the fact that some of us are naturally positive, that’s how they were before, they have the opportunity to try to fulfill their destiny again (only this time with better cards in hand, as they learnt from their previous life).

    If you’ve been a “bad” person, then you’ll reincarn in a bad person, hence the fact that some people are so naturally depressed or aggressive, that’s how they were before, they have the opportunity to try to fulfill their destiny again (only this time with worse cards in hand, as they didnt learn from their previous life).

    The latter will have to work harder to fulfill is destiny.

    If your karmic energy goes too low, then you’ll go down the scale and could in your next life become an animal or worse, a rock ,a mineral(no return possible) (Hell). In the other hand, when your karmik energy is at is highest point you reach enlightement, from there you will not reborn, you will be with the universal mind as you have the same nature(paradise). Your destiny as been fulfilled.

    I think that people who are connected with God/universal mind will believe that destiny is all writen as they can somehow feel what they have to do and somehow know what they’re destined to do, when people who don’t believe in it or people who still search their spiritual path will believe in the opposite or will be confuse with their belief.
    This is why, based on my belief, this message should really be placed in the “destiny is already writen” section.

  17. Jess [2] opinó:

    There is a maxim the says “Do your best and God will do the rest”. Meaning that although destiny is in God’s hand we as person endowed with free will and freedom of choice is the one who is invited to complete book of our own destiny. That means when God has all it figure out for us we still is the determinant of that destiny written for us, we are invited to complete the blank areas of the book of life, because we still have to write our own destiny in line with what is written. The apple is already there in front of us ready for picking and we must do our part by doing the act of picking that apple. So I would say we also have a share in writing our own destiny.