Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

This paradox may result in great entertainment. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Just tell me why

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The chicken

Suggested by Luis Alarcón

  1. Abhishek Thacker [3] opinó:

    chicken or egg

  2. whataslacker opinó:

    Chicken came first. Otherwise who would have sat on the egg to incubate it?

  3. Jennifer Bogart [1] opinó:

    I was confused about this one until I was saved! Then it was so simple. In the Genesis account of creation, God made all of the animals fully formed, adult and ready to procreate (just like Adam). So the first animals (including chickens) then went on to produce offspring, including the chicks inside of the egg.

    As for argument #1 on the right (aside from the total disbelief in God, believe me, I’ve been there, and there’s always hope), mutations are never positive in real life. Can the arguer provide an example of a positive mutation from real life, not from this pretend first mutated chicken that nobody ever saw? Mutations in the genetic code result in ‘devolution’ not ‘evolution’.

  4. Janet Ford opinó:

    God created the chicken then the chicken laid the egg.

4 reasons for

The egg

Suggested by Luis Alarcón

  1. Dave Metric opinó:

    The egg came first. If you accept evolution then you must accept that the eggs came first. I’ll explain.

    Now just to be clear “Chicken” is just a classification. One of many scientific abstractions to help understand the world. The concept “Chicken” is useful, but we need to realize that there is no such thing as a “perfect” chicken. There always going to be some discrepancy between are conceptalizations and what is reality.
    In the theory of evolution before what we arbitrarily call the “perfect” chicken there were pre-Chickens: animals that look like a chicken, but weren’t exactly like our conceptalized “perfect chicken”. A time line would look something like this
    …..>>>Chicken 0.7>>>>Lays egg for Chicken 0.75>>Chicken 0.75>>>>Lays egg for Chicken 0.8>>>>etc until eventually the “Chicken 1.0” egg is laid. This egg then births our conceptalized “perfect chicken”.

    So according to the theory of evolution: change over time we have to conclude the egg came before the “perfect” conceptalized chicken.

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    why the egg came first?

  3. digitalbrian [11] opinó:

    God laid an Egg and out came Mankind

  4. thew22 opinó:

    the first modern chicken was a genetic mutation from another similar bird (ie. it evolved from a similar species) so when two of this similar species mated, and created a mutated embryo (modern chicken) it was first layed as an egg – then hatched as the first chicken, which went on to be more successful and spread it’s mutation.