Beach vs. Swimming pool

What do you prefer? Beaches or swimming pools? Just tell me why…



  1. subodhi [1] argued:

    you have to pay to go swimming in a pool unlike the beach you have a free nature water life time

  2. Lillian Smith [1] argued:

    Water seems cleaner, more fun for family members and friends, you can bring food, and you don’t have to pay. People kick you underwater at pools and it is usually VERY crowded in the water.

  3. Anonymous [1714] argued:


  4. FATTY 02 [1] argued:

    get shrecked

  5. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    you dont have to pay to go there

  6. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    to get out doors and there are life guards everywere
    because it is more fun its good for the family

  7. kyogokudo [2] argued:

    it is supposed to be full of beatiful women wearing heartbreaking bikinis.. (i said; it is supposed)

  8. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Theres POOP! 🙁

  9. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    The beach is more beautiful although it does have somewhat filthy water in it…

  10. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Beaches are better cause they r so dont argue or ill cry wa wa wa 🙁

  11. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    because it doesnt have clorine 😀 and its all natural, pretty shells and stuff.

  12. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    what is the difference between the beach and the pool

  13. Al García [9] argued:

    Beach always. It’s nature, but of course it depends on which beaches…

  14. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Calm water

  15. Marie [1] argued:

    Because beach is a geological landform along the shoreline of a body of water. It usually consists of loose particles which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, or cobble. The particles of which the beach is composed can sometimes instead have biological origins, such as shell fragments or coralline algae fragments.
    It also helps body dont be sick all the year.Helps not to get old the face but the only bad is the oversittin under the sun.

  16. iwan [4] argued:

    Ob beach, you can build you own palace with sand…..

  17. ansim [5] argued:

    pools turn your hair green

  18. diaphania [2] argued:

    The sea is the real thing. And skinny dipping in it is the best.


Swimming pool

  1. alyssa [1] argued:

    because I don’t wanna swim in fish shit

  2. Jegjog [1] argued:

    IS BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    I vote pewl cleaner water :DD

  4. ?????? [1] argued:

    the waves are not predictable u can die

  5. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    a pool has a diving board beaches don’t

  6. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Pool cause going to the beach is time consuming..

  7. kyogokudo [2] argued:

    pools are awesome places..
    of course when they’re cleaned constantly.. ;D

  8. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Pee Turns Blue!

  9. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Cleaner a shark wont come afer u

  10. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Its fresh and cleaner

  11. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    fresh water, no salt taste, no sand, no jellyfish or sharks.

  12. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    dont get sand in your swim suit

  13. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    it is safer in swimming pool

  14. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    why it is better than beach

  15. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    there are diving boards and big slides =D

  16. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Because the beach has sharks and stingrays

  17. Aquatherm Industries [1] argued:

    Because you can heat a pool for free using the Sun’s energy with a solar pool heater!!

  18. Anonymous [1714] argued:

    Pools don’t have sharks

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