Animated sitcoms | The Simpsons vs. Family Guy

Which one of these two animated sitcoms is your favourite? The Simpsons or Family Guy? Just tell me why…

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7 reasons for

Family Guy

  1. MHR... opinó:

    Definitely Family guy… coz it is as satisfying as a complete political historical informative movie is.. and at the same time it is damn funny! on the other hand characters are great… especially stewie!

  2. Anonymous opinó:

    because of it’s crude comedy

  3. Anonymous opinó:

    Stewie, Quagmire… This show is hilarious. The Simpsons are boring.

  4. Daniel [1] opinó:

    Fam guy. Why? Because anyone who thinks any show is better should be punched in the face with a grapefruit until the grapefruit splits open and the pulp spills onto the hard surface that is the ignorant brain of the lover of other TV shows above Fam guy. Then small babies should eat the pulp…

  5. matthew [1] opinó:

    Family Guy without a doubt. I find it very funny as well as the Simpsons but the Simpsons i find have lost thier touch and family guy is getting funnier.

  6. digitalbrian [11] opinó:

    Well I look like Peter Griffin so of course I go with Family Guy, it is also not as wack as the Simpsons

  7. gwyn opinó:

    The Simpsons had a golden age but is way past it with just as many non-sequiturs but less plot cohesion as FG. Simpsons shows an almost romantic view of the family but FG is bitter and twisted from the word go. And from thence, the humour arises. When’s the last time you saw a new Simpsons episode anyway? And other than spiderpig what was funny about the film.

22 reasons for

The Simpsons

  1. Hoteluri Bucuresti [1] opinó:

    Clearly The Simpsons. They are so funny.

  2. overhead press [1] opinó:

    Simpsons. They used to have cleverer jokes back in the days when i used to watch them

  3. vacanta [1] opinó:

    I think Bart and its family it’s a great brand and their way of living is very funny.

  4. Millenmar S. Erese [2] opinó:

    Oh,and Family guy is funny too,but it is nothing compared to a real-life based life lol!!

  5. Millenmar S. Erese [2] opinó:

    The simpsons in the longest-running animated sitcom.It is funny,entertaining and has a meaning in every corner.

  6. Yang Li opinó:

    The Simpsons used to be about producing animated comedy, and it did, now it has much greater meaning and reveals the realiy of life in a comical way.

    Family Guy is without a doubt copied from The Simpsons, if I remember correctly, Seth himself once said “The Simpsons has been a big influence”.
    Family Guy used to sort of black comedy now it’s horrible in my opinion.

    So, the way I see it, The Simpsons win, but that’s just my opinion. There is no “Best Show” though, they all have their ups and downs.

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  7. Josh opinó:

    The Simpsons’ random humor has a reason behind it. Family Guy’s random humor is just… random. The Simpsons take a long gag and know exactly when to stop. Family Guy takes a long gag and never stops with it at all. And besides, even though she can’t talk, Maggie has a bigger brain than Stewie will EVER HAVE. The Simpsons are still the best. They always have been, and they ALWAYS WILL BE. I rest my unassailable case.

  8. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s pretty close… I choose the Simpsons because, while Family Guy has more jokes, Simpsons has BETTER jokes, so like i said, it was really close

  9. Muse_PlugInBabyRiff_Sophie_97 opinó:

    And also, The Simpsons always has a deep moral to the story. I don’t think FG does, it just seems random in places, and not that funny. :/


  10. Muse_PlugInBabyRiff_Sophie_97 opinó:

    The Simpsons is definitely better. Even though they are both adult programmes, many children watch it (such as myself!)

    I watched Family Guy, and I found it much worse. I didn’t laugh once, maybe I watched a bad episode?

    The Simpsons makes me laugh constantly, The Family Guy’s main character (his name??) just seems stupid. Obviously, Homer is stupid, but I just didn’t find Family Guy funny… :/

    I’m not criticising it, cos I know there are lots of fans world wide, but thats my opinion!!

    Thanks for reading

  11. miju man opinó:

    look at the number of people wh like family guy thats nothing compared to The Simpsons

  12. miju man opinó:

    Homer simpson all out american slob dad if i have to say more plz tell me

  13. Nessie opinó:

    It has better jokes.
    Family Guy may be funnier at some points, but it’s all
    random humor, nothing really interesting.
    Family Guy they act all stupid and that is funny while in the Simpsons you actually have to “get” a joke.

  14. Ryan McCarthy [1] opinó:

    there is no way on earth that the family guy is better. Family guy is nothing but slapstick comedy and pop culture references. the simpsons on the other hand is a show that holds real comedy as a landmark. the simpsoms has suttle and clever comedic writing. the simpsons have endured the last 20 yrs. whereas i have found that the family guy(i won’t capitalize due to disrespect) is already starting to dwindle. lets face it, dick and fart jokes and slapstick comedy mixed with random pop culture references is nothing but a fad and should be looked at as nothing but that.

    Thank you for your time,

    Ryan McCarthy

  15. Anonymous opinó:

    The Simpsons is very original and uses less crude humor to bring laughter to America, instead of the monotonous joke style of family guy.

  16. Sandy M [9] opinó:

    The Simpsons are like a household name now. I don’t even know the name of the Family guy or his family. Everyone knows at least something about The Simpsons.

  17. OneKrustyMama [1] opinó:

    How can you not like The Simpsons? i’ve been quoting them for years! “Magazine” lol

  18. digitalbrian [11] opinó:

    Marge Simpson, an all American mom! do I need to say more?

  19. RealityTVFan [2] opinó:

    So many great catchphrases, a huge but totally memorable cast and timelessly funny. Simpsons wins hands down.

  20. whataslacker opinó:

    Simpsons have withstood the test of time!

  21. Vivek Nair [1] opinó:

    El Caramba! Don’t have a cow man… D’ow… are only some of the immortal exclamations from this amazing series. The Simpsons should never go off air.

  22. BK [2] opinó:

    Easy choice. Simpsons is classically funny, and will live forever. Family Guy is just one flashback after another (and when will that get old?).