Have social networks blurred the lines of our privacy?

The emergence of social networking sites has blurred the lines of privacy in our modern society. Do you agree or disagree?

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Yes, social networks have blurred the lines of privacy

  1. Christopher chileshe [2] opinó:

    For money and power

  2. Deci o bells [5] opinó:

    Yes. But in any case I would not worry about it “ME” Being a glorious nobody that is.
    I wouldn’t get carried away with
    this “Everyone is watching me nonsense”. No database spy is really watching you, their too busy worrying about being spied on themselves.
    Spies only spy spies with there little eyes (KGB style) not the nobodies of this world.
    Although It does create a tell tale type of society where political figures can bribe each other and so on. So it really ONLY affects celebrities and wealthy business people.
    Maybe these well known programmers have caught themselves out in the process “the weaver in the web that he made”.
    That is why I would not trade places with the famous if you paid me. Privacy will always exist when you are not famous even if there is a database on me I would just laugh at it all. Maybe they have all the secrets of me (ha HA). It just too silly and berserk to comprehend.

    A song to conclude.
    “I always feel like nobodies watching me”.

  3. me [1] opinó:

    i agree

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No, social networks have NOT blurred the lines of privacy

  1. Jackie opinó:

    No, social networks are not to blame. We are the ones who defend our privacy or not