Would you sell your soul to the devil?

Would you sell your soul to the devil? In exchange you could have anything you wanted. Power, wealth, and fame. Or anything you wish. Would you do sell it?

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493 reasons for

Yes, I would sell my soul to the devil

  1. Terrell [1] opinó:

    Cause I want my family to be happy and don’t have to worry about how the bills are going to gett paid

  2. sunky [1] opinó:

    i just want fame and fortune to care for my children.

  3. Beauty_evil opinó:

    Yes because hee so lovely I love him so much

  4. Anonymous opinó:

    Yes, I don’t believe in anything that I am told about God, especially the bible. The world has evil in it, if there were a god, there would be no evil, no sadness, no depression, no bad things. Everyone would be happy if there really was a true god.

  5. Anonymous opinó:

    because i enjoy doing bad things and i also want to be rich

  6. Anonymous opinó:

    i am too poor i need life rich wealth power and bein the world most popular musician star wold wide devil i need you now on line come i am waiting

  7. vincent johnson [1] opinó:

    yes i would to achieve all my hearts desires on this earth material possestions,happyness good health long life and 50 million dollars

  8. kikomeko jamada [1] opinó:

    i want to become a famous rich person in the whole world

  9. Anonymous opinó:

    because i dont want to be sick anymore… i dont want to have this disease anymore.

  10. serge [1] opinó:

    Why?becose of many

  11. Anonymous opinó:

    cause i wanna have powers dahhhhhhh

  12. Chris.M opinó:

    thats the only way I could be the girl Ive shouldve been born

  13. sasuké [2] opinó:

    je veux être un homme d’affaire internationales
    très riche et très puissant
    avoir plus de 77000 euros par jour comme revenu

  14. sasuké [2] opinó:

    yess i want, it’s all

  15. Anonymous opinó:

    yea cuz life sucks,who doesnt want power,wealth and fame and love, instead of cryin yourself to sleep everynight.

  16. Anonymous opinó:

    Because it would make me rich and famous!!!!

  17. lucky [1] opinó:

    today i realise that i have never been happy in my life i am the most poorest boy in italy, i want to hold my destiny by my hands i want to shine in this world.

  18. Anonymous opinó:

    yes im gready

  19. Ongame [1] opinó:

    Because in my life iv alwys told i should wait to rich my goals so that i can live my life the way i want it, so am tired of waiting if the is a chance i can live my dream right now i will take it.

  20. Anonymous opinó:

    Yes, because I’m going to hell anyway and I’d like to at least get something nice out of it.

  21. kum malcolm blaise opinó:

    Why?because iam to poor and to become a star so that i can pay my deaps BECAUSE I WORSHIPPED GOD BEFORE AND I ONLY HAVE A BAD LIFE AND HARD TIMES TO SHOW FOR IT…

  22. Anonymous opinó:

    i would sell my soul to him so i could be a very nice looking women i want to be a female for the rest of my life

  23. Anonymous opinó:

    To live in NYC . . .

  24. Anonymous opinó:

    ive been over weight my whole life and i cant drop any weight. i would love to have a fast metabolism for the rest of my life

  25. Anonymous opinó:

    because i love great pover

  26. Anonymous opinó:

    cus im broke bitch!!

  27. Anonymous opinó:

    because im broke and i have no way of getting money i have no job no one hireing and i have a family to take care of and it seen like pray just not working

  28. Anonymous opinó:

    to live life without problems.. not have to wory about my family in the future with the government..

  29. deleted opinó:

    i want to be a powerful demond

  30. Anonymous opinó:

    decause i had of good praing
    i i need money to kill some one our topay some good lawers if i do it my self

  31. Anonymous opinó:

    because i wont the money, money an the cars, cars an clothes the hoes i just wonna be succesful

  32. Anonymous opinó:

    because i want fame and beauty

  33. Anonymous opinó:

    Because I would never give up rap or stop cussing .. So if there is a heaven I wouldnt qualify to go. Better live a better Life on earth while you can

  34. Anonymous opinó:

    I wanna be wealthy and have everything I wanted

  35. Crystal [2] opinó:

    Oh yeah…I forgot the abilty to have magical powers like Harry Potter.

  36. Crystal [2] opinó:

    Yep, I sure would. It seems a lot of peoples want fame and wealth and I’m no different. I don’t want fame but I do want the money. I would sell my soul in exchange for the abilty to fly, to be stuck at 145 lbs forever, 66 billion dollars, and to live forever in good health so I won’t die and burn in hell.

    Then I could give my mom 10 billion of the money so she could live the good life and provide for my siblings. Also so I could take care of my dad instead of him supporting me. He works hard and deserves a good life too. I am 22 but I know what I want.

  37. Anonymous opinó:

    It’ll pay off.

  38. Anonymous opinó:

    to have fame monney popularity over all controll of the world

  39. Anonymous opinó:

    To take a shit in peace 🙂

  40. melanie wilton [1] opinó:

    i would sell my soul to devil for fairygod perants

  41. Anonymous opinó:

    i would sell my soul to devil for fairygod perants

  42. Anonymous opinó:

    so id never have to worry about being able to feed my familly or keep a roof over my head

  43. Anonymous opinó:

    Why? Miért?

  44. j nonomous opinó:

    so i could be rich af with no cares 4 any body do me fuck life its boring if ima die anyways im live it to the fullest i want it i waant the deal and ima take it point blank

  45. Anonymous opinó:

    i used to live pretty good now i lost my job tired of looking for another and coming up empty i would sell my soul to be happy again and live the life that i am use to i have always said there is only 2 things that matter in the world and that is money and the people with it i do not know what to believe anymore but living like this sucks so is there really a answer i dont know but i keep hearing that things are getting better 4 who the rich and why is it that the rich can do so many crimes or bad doings that the normal people get punished for and go to jail makes me wonder i watch my sister that worships god and is a good christian and who goes to church every other day suffer thru life is he even paying attention maybe not and look at the kids in africa who get they’re arms cut off because there parents wont work for the rich in the diamond mines i wonder

  46. sonya sahli [1] opinó:

    becouse im unhappy and i want to be rich and happy whit my 3 childeren

  47. sam barett opinó:

    Because eventually our sould would go to heaven when armagedon happens so I wouldn’t be trapped in hell forever and either way it sucks being broke!

  48. Anonymous opinó:

    cuz im cold hearted and gangsta..haha wat i got 2 loose

  49. Anonymous opinó:

    eternity of pain or pleasure in the end wont it get boring and reptitive? id sell my soul u only live once

  50. Anonymous opinó:

    watching my parents struggle trying to make ends meet id gladly sell my soul for millions so my family could live comfortably, and i dnt gotta slave away at mcdonalds part time to fund me through university!!!!!!! id sell it right now!!!!!!

  51. Anonymous opinó:

    god and jesus work against me not for mee

  52. Anonymous opinó:

    to gain the world and all its wealth

  53. Anonymous opinó:

    It’s not power, wealth, or fame that I seek…. It is happiness for the world and those that I love, that would be the reason why I would sell my soul to the Devil. What has God done for the world but create religion that conflict with one another and cause chaos in the world. If God is real then why create in the minds of his sheep that only his way is the only way and that every other way is a sin? At least the Devil allows you to choose your path and that there is no right way to do anything but the way you see fit. The Devil does not damn those that do not believe in him or follow him. Only God damns those that do not believe in his teaching. My soul I would gladly sell, at least when he comes to take it I know I have a place in Hell. If God came to take mine, he’ll just damn me for not believing.

  54. david [1] opinó:

    Why? ¿Por qué?

  55. Anonymous opinó:

    because i wanna be famous

  56. Anonymous opinó:

    yes because of getting even to the people who do bad things to other people and have unbelevable strenth

  57. Alphonsus [1] opinó:

    for riches and fame

  58. tah axel [2] opinó:

    i need money and power

  59. tah axel [2] opinó:

    I.NEED of money and powers

  60. Anonymous opinó:

    Yes, for you can ask for ANYTHING and get it. Not without a twist maybe but its worth it.

  61. Teej opinó:

    Life is so painful. Everybody says the problem is ME, so I don’t ask God to fix life, just help me fix ME…and nothing. So, I would sell my soul just to die.

  62. Anonymous opinó:

    Yes I would give my soul to the devil for the power to change the world for the better, in my point of veiw anyway.

  63. sandkelly [1] opinó:

    for money

  64. Anonymous opinó:

    dont b leave in any god

  65. Bashar Al-Saeed [1] opinó:

    Because for me life is to harh here I live in Iraq Baghdad I want just want to find some way to live a good life withou killing I want to live in peace. I want to have money and sucesses

  66. Anonymous opinó:

    to pay off my all of my bills and take care of my loved ones. i can’t help my family with no money.

  67. Anonymous opinó:

    yeahh to have a better life in recent.. yeah for money..

  68. Anonymous opinó:

    For millions of dallars and a big penis,for power

  69. Anonymous opinó:

    b/c i feel like i would be a good to get him souls

  70. Anonymous opinó:

    yes i wld coz am jst fed up

  71. Anonymous opinó:

    for drugs money

  72. Anonymous opinó:

    i would cuzz im a broke fool i need dinero

  73. Anonymous opinó:

    yeah for weath and fame

  74. Devil [2] opinó:


  75. Devil [2] opinó:

    I need billion money to help me

  76. Anonymous opinó:

    I want money to help me

  77. me? [1] opinó:

    well i would only do it if i could get great powers… i dont give a shit about money and fame… with power i can get both.. fame by killing alot of people (bad fame but what ever) and money by robery

  78. Anonymous opinó:

    Coz life just sucks, i live a miserable existance, if the devil comes to me, i’m ready to start bargaining

  79. Anonymous opinó:

    I want to be famous, be stinkin’ rich, have love, be beautiful, cure my mom of her foot pain and diabetes, to be happy everyday like i was as a kid, and help my family out in anything they need.

  80. Anonymous opinó:

    i guess i would.,, i mean who doesn’t wanna be famous.. Right??

  81. JK opinó:

    Yeah, what a great idea – Satan will make you into a millionaire, and I’m sure you will take all that money into the grave with you LOL

  82. Anonymous opinó:

    because life is fucked up

  83. Anonymous opinó:

    yes, for ten trillion pound sterling and to live for the next 2400 years in perfect health,illness and sickness free with the same physical body as that of a 26-30 year old Olympic gymnast and the “perfect Hollywood white-teeth smile” by collecting another 999 souls as “payment in full” for this to eventuate and come to pass. Apon my 2446th birthday, payment would be made in full and all matters having being accounted for, die; and then “live” in eternal damnation whereby the REAL payment for my request would begin.

  84. Anonymous opinó:

    Because there are some things that money can’t buy and you can’t obtain in life any other way!

  85. Anonymous opinó:

    i would give my soule to the devil for exchange he makes my life better for some years and i have lots of cash with no debt

  86. Anonymous opinó:

    for power over EVERYONE!!!!!!

  87. Anonymous opinó:

    So that I may know its worth something to someone.

  88. Anonymous opinó:

    cus i want to be famous n have alots of money

  89. Anonymous opinó:

    better than the alternative

  90. troy [1] opinó:

    yes to be famous im tired of living the poor life i wanted to become famous sense i was 10

  91. Anonymous opinó:

    Yes, we sell our sols every day to our bad bosses and other.

  92. Anonymous opinó:

    i want popwers that are so strong that people wont even understand.iwant to be able to set my self on fire to so people i mean what i say i want the most power anyone has ever seen move objects

  93. June Lizotte [1] opinó:

    To save my children from the state of Maine DHHS Child Protection Services

  94. NUNU [1] opinó:

    Beacause my life suckz..family,love,job,im so tired of it..and i just wanna change my life!sometimes i feel the bad energy in me like i like beeing a bad girl..how can i sell my soul help me please,i wanna be a pretty superstar better then beyonce,rihanna,lady gaga etc.wanna have the most power!do i need to tell my real name?!

  95. ANONOYMOUS opinó:


  96. michael lyubilye putra lumbantoruan [2] opinó:

    because,i want to be a milionare

  97. michael lyubilye putra lumbantoruan [2] opinó:

    because,i want to be a milionare in my country

  98. Anonymous opinó:

    as a person who works 2 jobs and is trying to go to college and support family.. i would gladly give up my so called soul to the devil in exchange for millions and power

  99. Anonymous opinó:

    yes. my life cannot be any worse

  100. Jorge opinó:

    So I would sell something that doesn’t exist to someone that doesn’t exist and get whatever I want… looks like a good business to me…

42 reasons for

No, I would not sell my soul to the devil

  1. Rebecca [1] opinó:

    Because nothing is worth that price.

  2. Joshua yuguda [1] opinó:

    I need money wealth and power.

  3. Aviwe [1] opinó:

    Why?iwant money right know

  4. Shem John [2] opinó:

    I would sell my soul to the devil so that I will be a best musician in my country

  5. Xyrus Luther KIIM [1] opinó:

    Why? Cos what will it profit a man who gains the whole world but ends up losing his soul to ephemeral entities

  6. deci o bells [5] opinó:

    Not my soul he she or it can have my lifeless bones but ONLY after (I) vacate this body. Maybe he will make a broth or something with those?
    In any case would you trade a fiat for a Ferrari? Religious or not, its Just an impractical trade off.
    Its a “gamble” they say to believe in a soul.
    But its worth a try and who knows maybe the foolish will be fortunate and ultimately leave the casino a lot more powerful then they once were?
    Nah Satan cannot afford my soul I charge too much $$$$. He can just go after the run down souls who are for sale. Funny thing is they who have been bought don’t ever appear happy to me! This is the key!

    Now a tune to round this off.

    Smile though you sold your soul now
    smile even though you’ve gold now.
    although there are lies, lies in the sky you’ll get by if you,
    lie that you are so happy.
    even though you feel so crappy.
    You’ll find that life is no longer worth while when you pretend to smile.
    (Or should I say gloat).

    Like those pop stars say “oh you wish you were me”?
    Why would I wish that seeing as though your easy to purchase and not worth much.

    NO SALE.

  7. ay am nothing [1] opinó:

    no, co’z, whats he gonna be using it for? in this universe, many has already sold their soul to him, why would he need mine, right? but if he still needs it, i’d happily give it with a price of course. that price depends on each person. mine is i think complicated, but maybe not complicated to the fucking god upstairs whos shit caused so much grief in this world for fucking milleniumd. fuck everything!!! am i right!! FUCK IT!!!

  8. peter kamau opinó:

    Why?because i dont have cash and to be a real man sould have money.i want to be rich

  9. Elvis [1] opinó:

    yes,because i want fame,power,wealthy,i want luck,i want to be a brand name for a label in clothes and i want more followers

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  11. Michael Daviess [1] opinó:

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  12. illuminated [2] opinó:

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  13. smith [1] opinó:

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  14. James [2] opinó:

    My soul is forever. If saving for retirement is important saving my soul for forever is certainly worth while.

  15. Anonymous [1] opinó:

    Because hell is a terrible place if you did your research on hell you would never want to be there even for all the money and fame in the world. God is real live for him and he will give you better stuff.

  16. Anonymous opinó:

    I truly fear damnation and could not enjoy what ever I sold my soul for knowing that in the end I would goto Hell.

  17. simranjeet kaur [6] opinó:

    here devil means bad people. i will never sell my soul to devils.because they corrupt

  18. Anonymous opinó:

    The reason is predicated on a simple reason-
    Your potential store of violence anger and lust already makes you a demi devil

  19. Henry [1] opinó:

    you can sell what you don’t own it belongs to the one who gave it,
    Almighty God and just so you all know i’ve met Him His name is JESUS He is very real He gave me life and without Him nothing would be here.

  20. nimz [1] opinó:

    no because i beleve in god i believe judjment day is near and god will win and the devil wor shipers and other idiots in the world will go to hell FUCK U ILLUMINATIS GOD WILL WIN

  21. Michael opinó:

    He doesn’t exist…

  22. lg opinó:

    ……..if there is such a thing as hell…i would and will do everything i can from now until i die to insure i do not go there.

  23. Anonymous opinó:

    Why? cause i dont wanna burn in hell

  24. Anonymous opinó:


  25. Shay Rush opinó:

    I simply can’t I lived a hard knocked life but at the same time I lived middle class my whole life which some people never have and my mom is more middle upper class she’s on her way there only if she didn’t have an gambling addiction we would’ve already been upper class.Iam a female 18 years of age and I did alot of things Iam not happy with from smoking,drinking,fornication & promiscuity at that.Manipulating people I did alot the few years I live but I decided to change that jan 1,2010 i lost majority of all my friends because they were not happy with me trying to change my life around for the better once i picked up the bible,banned television from my life & partying & clubbing I have got the best peace of mind I have ever had and I will fight this spiritul battle for the rest of my life to live in peace & happiness.God bless everyone one of you on this side and Lord! have mercy on those to the left soul.

  26. Build my own luck [1] opinó:

    No..Im 17 and i feel trapped im my own darkness..i cant seem to love..to smile a true smile.. to be happy like every other teenager…to go wild and have fun… i literally feel depressed 24/7..my parents has it hard and i want them to not see me walking down the same path has my sis..i want them to be happy..but ..i myself am not able…im not religiouse..and dont realy belive in the devil and god but..if it does truly exist..I would truly be tamted to sell my soul..but..i wont let the devil make a fool of my self.. i wont let him win.. i will stand on my two feet and make MY OWN fortune, fame , money! No one has ever been there for me and so i wont let that first persone to be on my side the devil..bcuz he doesnt care about me..so yah…my answer is.NO i wont sell my sold to the devil to get an easy ticket .. ill work hard and make my OWN LUCK!

  27. Anonymous opinó:

    dont wanna get my ass toasted

  28. Anonymous opinó:

    Because, money will burn, just like all the idiots on the left will in hell. Have fun with satan 🙂 <<<<

  29. Anonymous opinó:

    Peace, Love, & Light. Message from the Pleadies. God Bless All

  30. Dean opinó:

    Because its not mine to sell it, it belongs to our one and only God

  31. Anonymous opinó:

    Its not worth the price we have to pay.

  32. Anonymous opinó:

    To me, it’s not worth all the money in the world, the fame, power, wealth or beauty cause I know I’m beautiful just as GOD made me. I’m very proud of what I have and if I make the right decisions in life then I can make millions or even billions of dollars by obeying GOD and believe that he will meet all my needs according to his riches and glory!!!! Everybody goes through things cause I do and i’m 22 years old but I learn from my mistakes and ask GOD for forgiveness and I promise you he will forgive what ever you did cause he died for us not the devil.

  33. Anonymous opinó:

    cause he’s EVIL, DUH!!!!!!!

  34. Anonymous opinó:

    because i dont’t want to be tortured forever in hell trillon lots of money wouldn’t be worth it. you know, after you sell your soul enjoying the life but in return you burn your soul for eternity. i can live with anything as long as i know that i won’t burn in hell.

  35. JB opinó:

    Few extra years on earth – with more money or more power – it pales in insignificance when you compare it to eternal life you could have from God 🙂

  36. Anonymous opinó:

    i sold my soul to GOD the 1 god lord jesus christ my savior if u sell your soul to the devil yeah u might get fame girls and money but u gunna suffer in the next life which is hell and no 1 wants to go there

  37. Anonymous opinó:

    I can’t imagine that, because I’m believer!

  38. Anonymous opinó:

    I do not know why

  39. Anonymous opinó:

    why should i wat kan he do for me that god cant do

  40. Anonymous opinó:

    Ever met real evil? It hurts

  41. Nina Lamparski opinó:

    For the same reason I wouldn’t send 250,000 Euros to the Nigerian doctor who’s got a great investment opportunity for me…

  42. Ramón Suárez [16] opinó:

    Can’t do it, the Devil does not exist…